Friday Feature 2013-02-15

This video was shot at Scifi Bokhandeln on 2013-02-15. Since the video is pretty long, it may be beneficial to reiterate some of the stuff.


Food: Tomas Walch around 34 minutes or so

  • "[They] have a made a special menu for us that should be a little Tauron-stylish [...] You will get some sandwiches on Friday while preparing [...] Then we have dinners and lunch in the game, served, that we smuggle in from a back door from a caterer, and served, during play."
  • "Of course, there will be coffee all the time"

Power structures

  • It seems that the Capricans = Galactica crew are a minority but also in charge. This seems to supercede previous ideas that there would be 3-4 factions roughly in power balance lock.
  • "in this game the Capricans are a minority but they are also in power" Anna-Karin around 14:35
  • Martin and Daniel S. seem to suggest around 18:35 that the basic power struggle unit is a console, meaning that different factions can take control over parts of Celestra and use these to blackmail & negotiate
"If you manage to find a peaceful kumbayah solution to the Cylon war, that's good on you!" - Martin around 27:45

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