"Gustav did what?!". Gustav achieves sinister visions through a mutilating sacrifice. Stories are told in the desert. Gustav and Valefarion take a joyride through the desert and find a bunker hiding an atrocity. Meanwhile in the chapterhouse, Keinon has a dark trip in the mines. He and Siria continue investigations, reaching a chilling conclusion. Can they trust themselves anymore? Resource disappearances continue.

Found on a torn-off piece of paper after the fateful events of the Gharda mining complex

I feel... hesitant in writing these words. It has been some time since I last used such mundane means to record my thoughts, but desperate times call for desperate measures as they say. There is something out there, if not inside these walls already. And that something might be far greater and far sinister than we ever anticipated. Hell, I'm not even ruling out Gustav's ramblings anymore. But there is no denying it. We are most certainly facing something advanced or even supernatural for we've all been infected by a virus of some nature and our mekanimas have been turned against us. The source of the infection probably being the data package let loose from the communications center. God Machine forgive us all for we've unleashed an unknown evil upon the world.

So far our mekanimas seem to remain rather cooperative, but our initial scans show that they've reached a level of consciousness that is beyond our control. They seem... aware and are trying to spread their sway throughout our conduits. To what end, we have only theories, but they seem to be able to manipulate our senses and even send messages to each other and possibly even to their new-found master, who or whatever it might be. Me and Keinon have taken precautions to limit the influence of our mekanimas but sadly there is no way to contact Valefarion without alerting his mekanima. I am even preparing for the inevitable next step of shutting down my conduit, a deed I last performed more than a century ago, and for that, I am genuinely afraid...

And as if all this wasn't enough *something has been scratched off* No, I refuse to believe it. I need to see it myself. I know Gustav is going through some difficult times, but cutting his own healthy seductive eye out. That's just ridiculous. They'll return soon to the chapter house and I'm going to gouge his other eye out also, if he has fallen so low as to mutilate himself. At least it'll restore symmetry to his face.

Luckily, the past few days haven't been totally without a glimpse of light. It would seem that Angelus, Horatio's clockwork servant, had the virus cleared out from his system by the reboot we had to perform to him after his fall and has since been able to avoid contagion through some means. And that wasn't the only thing the reboot did to him. Replacing his damaged algorithms with the ancient algorithms stored in this memory bank have had unforeseen consequences. It would seem the roles have reversed and Angelus has become the new master and Horatio a mere puppet. Fortunately for us, the reborn Angelus seems benevolent and in-fact, he was the one to made us realize the intents of our Mekanima. Still, I can't make myself to trust the creature that is Angelus without reservations. I will continue to keep my eyes on him.

Siria Liam, Elder of Ordo Voluptas, the Most Esteemed Order of Techmancers


ARIUS: the Ashen Age

Arius: the Ashen Age


The Covenant






Alcyone, the cursed ship

Chronicles of the Covenant


Chapter I: Echoes from the dark

Session I: Meet the Litter

Session II: A Letter to a Friend

Session III: Nocturnal Encounter

Session IV: the Eye of the Storm

Session V: A Correspondence Continued

Session VI: Eye By Eye, the World Goes Blind


Session VIII: Melancholy News From the Desert

Session IX: One Flew Over the Cockoo's Nest

Session X

Session XI

Chapter II: Saving Brother Keinon

Session I: A Journey in Inofficial Capacity

Session II: Of things to come

Session III: The Throne of Sights

Session IV: Kingdom of Eternal Darkness

Session V: Of love, lust and other things

Session VI: Nearing Civilization's Edge

Session VII: Growing pains

Session VIII: After the Time We've Lost

Session IX: The Gears of the Angel in Red

Session X:

Session XI: Sacred Music

Reports (in-game)

Ordo Rimore communications

Friends & Foes

Chapter I: Echoes from the dark

Aurelio of Ordo Nuntius (dead)

Benjamin of Ordo Hospetaler

Candice, Major Domo

Dionysos of Ordo Machinus

Horatio of Ordo Machinus

Katarine of Ordo Machinus

Matilda of Ordo Machinus

Paramon, the Head of Security

Salman, Elder of Ordo Nuntius

Tacito, Elder of Ordo Rimore

Xenon the Flyer, Ordo Proelium

Chapter II: Saving Brother Keinon

Belinda the Heretic Ambassador?

Ambassador Isaac, Elder of Ordo Voluptas

Master Selim, Elder of Ordo Hospetaler











Minions & Acquiantances

Arx Machinus




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