Ship's Log, entry 71823-A
After exactly 200 standard travel days, Alcyone has arrived unharmed to the port of Golden Dome and is ready for maintenance and to restock, resupply, sell some cargo, and purchase new merchandise. Quartermaster Gopala has started drafting new contracts and we expect new recruits to join us.

Instead of usual 300 and twenty days of travel we have managed to chip one third of travel time by clever use of light caster and shortcutting through Vertharn territory, passing completely unnoticed and without incidence.

Major Crow and his marines have joined the crew, but we've sent most of regulars out for a fortnight long pass.

Captain's Private log 17th of Septemeber, year 552: The Eserhaus guildhouse
Belinda of House Eserhaus has met our companions. According to her sources Keinon's expedition force is infiltrated by an ascentionist spy, a saboteur. The Eserhaus of the Golden Dome are deeply vested in dark magicks and even served by risen dead, but we're willing to believe there is some truth in her claims.

Captain's Private log: 18th of September, year 552: Investigations.
According to our investigations Keinon's companions have bought a lot of supplies around the Golden Dome districts. Their taste for merchandise leads us to believe that their goal is to do asteroid mining or salvage deep gloom space hulks. According to Bartholomeo of Navale the expedition force members have been asking about Prome seamen and men who have worked with promethean navigators.

It is our conclusion that they must have left Golden Dome in order to arrive in Promethean territory.

On a side note Commissioner Aulos and Elder Liam have not found out anything of value. Instead Elder Liam is fixated on the prospect of new drugs in Golden Dome Street market, a fool's endeavor.

Captain's Private log: 19th September, Year 552: The Voluptas secrecy
Elder Liam has provided us with new information concerning the disappearance of Hospitaler Keinon. Supposedly the Nuntius route station GD2 is worth investigation, but Elder Liam is not willing to tell us why. After further inquiry Meister Valefarion told that they believe GD2 was compromised by some mysterious malware sent from Eurasia, Carda, some time ago. This has led us to believe that the aftermath of the Carda mission is the very reason for Keinon's departure and that Elder Liam is trying to clean her tracks.

Elder Iisak of Voluptas has made it clear that he wishes not for the safe return of Keinon's expedition force. After an easy negotiation he is willing to sponsor us with a 50k set of pure omnium as an advance premium. According to his specifications all new techmancer weaponry obtained must be destroyed and wiped out from the memory of the order. Commissioner Aulos has vaguely pointed out that the result of our mission may decide the fate of our whole order. We are aware that the stakes are indeed very high but still given information only on "need-to-know-basis", leaving us quite frustrated and unprepared. Iisak's offer is taken as it is even if it bids ill for the continuing health of our fellow Keinon.

Keys and pyramids are being mentioned. The great covenants are somehow involved.

Ship's log: entry 71823-H reconnaissance

  1. a Denkhatar cruiser, armed for war and escorted by five frigates seen on Golden Dome harbor. According to Elder Isak and our scattered sources the lords of Gold and slavery are meeting in order to create a new alliance.
  2. According to Elder Isak Ancalothians have been striking against Lunarus forces.
  3. A trader union vessel has been destroyed by mines near Golden Dome port. Alcyone sensors detect strange readings from salvaging ships, which leads us to suspect foul play and weapons of mass destruction. Rumours of guild alliance and trader union schism circulate wantonly.

Ship's log: entry 71823-L Mission on the Golden Dome wastelands.
We have lead an away team to GD2 Nuntius Route station. The Alcyone is set ready to embark on a surface flight with a skeleton crew if so needed.

Ship's log entry 71823-Lb
Meister Su-Mi has detected a Heretic Base near GD2 that has been feeding into Nuntius station. Commissioner Aulos has ordered investigation and Alcyone is called for surface flight mission.

Ship's log: entry 71823-M reconnaissance:

  1. 4 We've been able to intercept some imperial messages from the GD2 nuntius route station. Seventh Imperial fleet is on its way to Prometheon. 3 Dreadnoughts, twenty cruisers and over a hundred smaller ships have been detected. The main force arrives to Prometheon in 150 standard days, one squadron is already arriving to Miner's Folly and Last Change is met with another one in two months. The third squadron is patrolling the close trying to find pasifician privateers.

The empire has flagged some coordinates on the surface of Promethean, worth some more investigation.

Ship's log: entry 71823-K Mission on the Golden Dome wastelands.
Alcyone has spotted the heretic base, which seems to mostly lay in ruins. According to farseeing reconnaissance some sort of techmancer sweeping team has defeated the heretics and left only corpses and destroyed golems behind. For safety reasons Alcyone keeps a 1,5 clicks distance from the base. One of the ship's long boats takes the away team on surface, close enough for them to continue on foot.

Captain's private log: The Virus
Elder Liam has ordered us to close our conduits if we are to investigate heretic base closer. According to her the dangers of the malware are preeminent. We have decided to stay onboard and monitor the mission from the bridge, supporting the away team if any hostile sweeper teams are sent from Golden Dome Main.

Major Crow, his marines and Dr. Grebenshchikov join the away team on planet surface and infiltrate the heretic base.

Captain's private log: The Throne of sights
We have just finished debriefings with major Crow and Dr. Grebenshchikov. According to their reports our companions have found previously unknown structures underneath the heretic base, filled with techmagic wonders. Worst of all, they've found investigator Takito's corpse, possibly killed by some sort of magical throne of visions. According to Dr. Grebenshchikov Elder Liam, Meister Su-Mi and commissioner Aulos had engaged in unarmed combat in order to decide which one could enter the throne. After quickly demoralizing meister Su-Mi commissioner Aulos took investigator's place on the throne and used it to gather some unknown sights of power.

We feel this ancient techmancery might jeopardize the whole mission, but are still trustful when it comes to the solid judgement of commissioner Aulos.

On a side note the heretics have done some deranged tests on innocent victims and managed to sustain 15 of their unhurt victims frozen in coffins. We have ordered the release of these victims, their apprehension, and their later interrogations if need be.

Captain's private log: The burial of the errant investigator
Because of the questionable nature of the heretic base and substation underneath, We've ordered it to be sealed with explosive detonations for the time being. Should the need arise we will be later able to burrow through the layers of ice and stone with Intrusion Golem Unit Gawain the White.


ARIUS: the Ashen Age

Arius: the Ashen Age


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Chapter I: Echoes from the dark

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