After the Time We've Lost

(From the recorded journal of Lady Aulos of Ordo Rimore)

Personal Log Entry #63

We are nearing the party Keinon has, it is now becoming abundantly clear, foolishly joined. Furnished with a map of our final destination, by the magnanimosity of Elder Liam, who took it upon herself to let the map be tattooed upon her person, we chose to head to the Black Moon Conglomerate for supplies. It is a loose, free-booting confederacy of pyrates, conglomerated of three Moons, the Green Moon, The Angel's Grave and the Last Mistake. We encountered a convoy from the Last Mistake, who wished us to examine the Green Moon – it was bombed nearly to oblivion. We happily agreed to this, thinking we could replenish our supplies there, even though my dear old friend and colleague Selene was vehemently against it. True to its name, this decision proved to be a grave mistake.

Ah – yes – Selene. A most peculiar, unfortunate business that was indeed. Before recounting the events of Green Moon, a detour is in order. A week or so previously the crew made a displeasing discovery: we had, collectively, lost nearly four months' worth of recollections. I still cannot quite comprehend it, yet believe it I must, during this time frame we had each gained a new associate – Selene and the others. We had also unawares picked up a stowaway from the bepestilled vessel Silver Angel, an erstwhile Techmancer! Elder Grigori, of ordo Proelium, assured us our old companions were none other than an ancient, heretical ploy! My old Selene, a pestilence! A living weapon! It pains me to even write this down, yet I saw the creeping, fungal flesh myself, sluicing out of her.

We followed one of these creatures to its disgusting nest in the water purification sector. It was a form quite like a human, encased in a gloom suit, pinned against a back wall by this living fungus. Our companion vessel, the Salvador, housed a similar infestation. Sister Su-Mi wished to investigate the fungus further, showing great courage seeing as it was of a most heretical origin. It was reported to me that the fungus contained DNA of human origin, nothing further came of Su-Mi's investigations, I suppose. I tracked this DNA to a Voluptas of spotted fame, disappeared and presumed dead some years past. There was a peculiar connection there – they were stationed at Daedaros with the old acquaintance of Keinon and Ms. Liam, Aurelio of ordo Nuntius. Present were also recorded to be an Asad of ordo Voluptas, a Brannon of ordo Hospetaler, Tacito of ordo Nuntius, and a certain new acquaintance of ours, Grigori of ordo Proelium. It is a testament to the backwardness of Daedaros that such an insignificant Chapter-House should house two of ordo Voluptas among such a meagre number. There was also a small electrical device which acted most likely as a housing and releasing mechanism for the infestation.

After this, we returned to inspecting the Alcyone crew. Herewith the events took a grim turn, for there were two infestations we had not spotted before. They had installed themselves amid Ms. Liam's delightful convoy. After Ms. Liam's sort, I awaited in the corridor with three very frightened young women under Nikolai's approving eyes. The noises we heard were frightful indeed, yet the girls returned to their adoptive mother with what I took to be sighs of relief after my gentle encouragement.

After I had retired for the evening to my quarters, for a late supper of some delightfully sparkling alternating elyctrical current, a key was slipped under my door. It was to the room of Ms. Liam's convoy. Therein I discovered an unsettling sight on the fungus-streaked wall: the text “We need to talk about the Red Angel” arranged in a gory display of inhuman intestines. There was also scrawled in the quasihuman gore a heart with the letters A and S within it. Perhaps I have misjudged Ms. Liam, she seems genuinely upset. These matters are difficult to judge, but I am starting to feel a stirring deep within my core which could grow to be – sympathy.

Before terminating for now, I feel I must dwell on Elder Grigori. I feel an inexplicable camraderie with him, we must have worked together somewhere, I must know him from somewhere. A voice within me says we share a history. This mystery will reveal itself to me in due time, of this I am sure.


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