These are the chronicles of three aspiring Techmancers and their patroness. The characters are childhood friends serving the enigmatic God-Machine. They have been joined with the Conduit, arcane technology connecting them to the entity. As a result, they are – socially and physically - forever changed. Techmancers hold keys to the secrets of burned past. Around them, the world is withering and technology degrading. Will the characters be part of it or risk all to change the world?

In Chapter One the characters were sent to investigate mysterious event in an Eurasian chapterhouse. They found more than they bargained for and were marked for life. Time passes and they are facing new challenges, as they leave to look for a missing friend.

If you are intrigued by the setting, check the ARIUS: the Ashen Age beta page.


Aulos?, Techmancer of Ordo Rimore

Gustav?, Adept of Ordo Rimore

Fortunatus, The privateering captain of Ordo Navale

Keinon, Techmancer of Ordo Hospetaler

Siria, Elder of Ordo Voluptas

Sumi?, Techmancer of Ordo Nuntius

Valefarion, Techmancer of Ordo Proelium

Latest journal entry

Chapter II, Session III: Blue Ice.

Latest character

Salman is an Elder of Ordo Nuntius and the leader of Gharda chapterhouse. A suspected Rebuilder, he is known for maintaining and refurnishing ancient communications equipment. When met by the investigators, he proved to be skittish, perhaps even paranoid. What has scared the Elder out of his wits?

Coming next

Session IV: Blabla.


The campaign uses the basic rules and the Madness Meter. Gloomship rules are being experimentet with. Plot Generator is in in use. Each player drew three plots in the beginning. More can be bought with APs and/or will be given at major junctions in the campaign. Writing a journal entry rewards 2 xp or one plot twist. Each player can hold a maximum of five plots in hand. More can be drawn and then chosen which to discard.

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