Theories are put forth on what lies behind the mysteries. Siria investigates the abandoned reactor and disappears. Search party runs afoul a terrible creature bearing resemblance to Siria.

A diary entry of Anna Puzhailova on the 550th year of our lord Aerus, January ?9th?

Dear diary

The adults here are getting crazier by the day. Just yesterday I heard that Gustav? had performed an exorcism on mother right after she had had some weird accident in the communication center, but come nightfall they were getting it on once again - rather more noisily than is good for the mental health of... well anyone. Besides, what on earth does mother see in that whackjob? The guy is clearly crazy from toenails to whatever the brain equivalent he has, because brains the boy doesn't have! I guess he has some boyish charm left and by the animal sounds I reckon his хуй is quite formidable. A thing worth exploring I reckon. I don't think mother would mind that much.

Anyways, this morning they were conferring at the breakfast table trying to shed some light to the events of these past few weeks. If you ask me, it's a renegade techmancer gone crazy. That's how it always is and it's not like there ain't a plethora of candidates around. Afterwards they went their separate ways once again: mother back to the mines, Gustav? to fiddle his thumbs, Keinon to try to solve the puzzle of being able to breath and Valefarion to extract fat from the whale of his. Us mother ordered down to the "city" of Gharda to do some sniffing. I guess I shouldn't complain, at least the people there have some wits left. Well most of them, all the crazy seems to have piled on their leaders - the way of the world it seems. At least there ain't a shortage of muscular boys around. Me and Olga set our sights on one fine blue-eyed specimen in particular and are planning a little game. Like usual Kira wanted to have nothing to do with it and went on a preaching rampage about abstinence.

On our way back to the chapterhouse we ran into Salman. The guy gives me the creeps! Much like Horatio, but more malevolent. Horatio just seems to have gone past the line of no return to cuckoo town, but Salman seems a bit too aware about everything. I guess you don't get into his position by being careless. Actually, he reminds me about mother but in all the wrong ways. Speaking of freaky techmancers, we also visited Matilda today. It always feels good to speak your native tongue, as mother has us studying a zillion different languages. Anyways, I think she is quite harmless with the proelium lover of hers. Besides the... thing... in her neck she seems as normal as techmancers get. Hah, I guess Benjamin and Dionysos are also rather normal on their stereotypically gay and hobo kind of ways.

Back in the chapterhouse we heard that mother had gone missing and that the crew, even including Gustav?, had gone to search for her in the old reactor they uncovered yesterday. I heard Kira say a little prayer for Keinon. I don't think she knows that a thing like that doesn't go noticed to her sisters! And Keinon of all the people. I swear that sometimes I think that the man must be as голубой as Benjamin. He's been living with that Lumen girl of his for a month now and not a peep to be heard during the night. Well I guess that means Kira has a shot. But back to the topic at hand, I don't really fear for mother. She is a survivor! Albeit she has been rather unstable lately. I think her mekanima is giving her a hard time. I don't think I could manage someone else inside my head, Olga and Kira are bad enough! But that's why she's mother and not us!


ARIUS: the Ashen Age

Arius: the Ashen Age


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Alcyone, the cursed ship

Chronicles of the Covenant


Chapter I: Echoes from the dark

Session I: Meet the Litter

Session II: A Letter to a Friend

Session III: Nocturnal Encounter

Session IV: the Eye of the Storm

Session V: A Correspondence Continued

Session VI: Eye By Eye, the World Goes Blind


Session VIII: Melancholy News From the Desert

Session IX: One Flew Over the Cockoo's Nest

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Chapter II: Saving Brother Keinon

Session I: A Journey in Inofficial Capacity

Session II: Of things to come

Session III: The Throne of Sights

Session IV: Kingdom of Eternal Darkness

Session V: Of love, lust and other things

Session VI: Nearing Civilization's Edge

Session VII: Growing pains

Session VIII: After the Time We've Lost

Session IX: The Gears of the Angel in Red

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Session XI: Sacred Music

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Friends & Foes

Chapter I: Echoes from the dark

Aurelio of Ordo Nuntius (dead)

Benjamin of Ordo Hospetaler

Candice, Major Domo

Dionysos of Ordo Machinus

Horatio of Ordo Machinus

Katarine of Ordo Machinus

Matilda of Ordo Machinus

Paramon, the Head of Security

Salman, Elder of Ordo Nuntius

Tacito, Elder of Ordo Rimore

Xenon the Flyer, Ordo Proelium

Chapter II: Saving Brother Keinon

Belinda the Heretic Ambassador?

Ambassador Isaac, Elder of Ordo Voluptas

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