Techmancer name: Valefarion (birth name: José Manuel)

José Manuel was born to a lower class family in the Empire of Ameracho. He was somewhat different than other kids, being intelligent, nerdy and solitary. Despite early age he had disturbing interest in darkness and death. He would have fitted poorly in Amerachoan society and cultural norms. Fortunately he didn't have to. At age of seven there was a fortunate twist of fate: José was spotted by a roaming techmancer who immediately sensed his potential as a servant of God-machine and bought him from his parents. His new life in Arx Machinus was to begin. As a mark of new beginning he took himself a new name: Valefarion, after St.Valefar, patron saint of the dead.

Valefarion's studies went well, His main intrests were instruments of death – weapons. But instruments of life, the surgeons tools, became known to him as well as he studied fleshcraft quite extensively. On top of that he took some farspeaking courses.

As a teenager Valefarion was very intrested in things that can be considered rebellious against the norm, like occultism. He started to show his flamboyant side for real. He started wearing all black and at some point he took the habit of painting his face white to resemble living dead. He still has these eccentric manners but the black clothes he wears today aren't his own, they are the robes of Ordo Proelium.

One of the best aspects of Valefarion's life have always been his close circle of friends and allies. There were four other kids who started their studies in Arx Machinus at the same time as he did. They were Keinon, Gustaf, Xiu and Vlad. Together these close friends lived in an abandoned manufactury which they had rebuilt as their dormitory. Many wild parties were held there. It was during these intense youthful years when Valefarion met The One for him: Lilith, his soul mate and lover. This happened during semi official Ordo Voluptas party. Since then these two have been inseparable and they love each other deeply. Lilith could have chosen Vlad but Valefarion won her heart as they share many common interests, like occult, art and dark romantic poetry.

Some of their parties were too wild. Valefarion once burnt his face in a drunken flamer accident while performing his trade mark trick: lighting the grill from 30 feet away with a blast of flame. This accident left his face forever scarred.

As a mentor they had an older but very beautiful lady called Siria, an Ordo Voluptas techmancer. She was also jokingly known as "the cougar" or "milf". She became very dear to them and helped them during their careers. With Siria's help they were introduced to a secret society called "The Keyholders". This sect has a goal no less than imposing a world order where techmancers are in total control over mundane people. They consider themselves elite and destined to rule.

For Valefarion the dreaded Ritual of Conduit was successful. Machine-god seemed to accept him as he was and even enhance many of his typical qualities. Many people come out of the ritual as different persons but not Valefarion. He was still same guy: eccentric and flamboyant, intrested in darkness, death and weapons. And Lilith of course. His body was changed into something that he himself thought cool. Now lights flicker around him and he has terrifying natural claws and ability to see in darkness. On top of that he has air vents and machinery in his body which produce infernal noise. This suits flamboyant Valfarion well and even delights him. He likes to think his noise as music. Actually it is God-machine's music. His friend Keinon has the ability to make Valefarion's music understandable for others.


ARIUS: the Ashen Age

Arius: the Ashen Age


The Covenant






Alcyone, the cursed ship

Chronicles of the Covenant


Chapter I: Echoes from the dark

Session I: Meet the Litter

Session II: A Letter to a Friend

Session III: Nocturnal Encounter

Session IV: the Eye of the Storm

Session V: A Correspondence Continued

Session VI: Eye By Eye, the World Goes Blind


Session VIII: Melancholy News From the Desert

Session IX: One Flew Over the Cockoo's Nest

Session X

Session XI

Chapter II: Saving Brother Keinon

Session I: A Journey in Inofficial Capacity

Session II: Of things to come

Session III: The Throne of Sights

Session IV: Kingdom of Eternal Darkness

Session V: Of love, lust and other things

Session VI: Nearing Civilization's Edge

Session VII: Growing pains

Session VIII: After the Time We've Lost

Session IX: The Gears of the Angel in Red

Session X:

Session XI: Sacred Music

Reports (in-game)

Ordo Rimore communications

Friends & Foes

Chapter I: Echoes from the dark

Aurelio of Ordo Nuntius (dead)

Benjamin of Ordo Hospetaler

Candice, Major Domo

Dionysos of Ordo Machinus

Horatio of Ordo Machinus

Katarine of Ordo Machinus

Matilda of Ordo Machinus

Paramon, the Head of Security

Salman, Elder of Ordo Nuntius

Tacito, Elder of Ordo Rimore

Xenon the Flyer, Ordo Proelium

Chapter II: Saving Brother Keinon

Belinda the Heretic Ambassador?

Ambassador Isaac, Elder of Ordo Voluptas

Master Selim, Elder of Ordo Hospetaler











Minions & Acquiantances

Arx Machinus




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