The Morrowfall (Minor Artifact)

Aura strong evocation; CL 15th
Slot none; Weight 5 lbs.
Description The Morrowfall is one-half of the Aohl, an artifact gifted to the ancient Jaytirian Society following a sacred truce between their two feuding gods of millennia past. The Morrowfall is the remaining manifestation of the power of a sun god now all but forgotten. The Morrowfall constantly emits daylight, as per the spell. In addition, by presenting it strongly and uttering the command word, the Morrowfall can be used to cast the following spells.
At Will—detect undead, disrupt undead, daze monster (DC 13)
3/day—blindness (DC 13), daylight, searing light
1/day—sunbeam (DC 20), sunburst (DC 22)


Rovan 9.-22. päivä, 4709 AR.


  • Amaya Kaijitsu, lasinpuhaltaja ja bardi
  • Koirankieli, punalakki ja pelkkä viestinviejä
  • Hurtanleuka, vääristynyt satyyri
  • Kärpäsen äiti, paha noita-akka


  • seitsemäs kokemustaso
  • 7 +1 leather armor
  • +2 studded leather armor
  • +1 spiked banded mail
  • +1 battleaxe
  • +2 heavy crossbow
  • 4 +2 screaming bolts
  • +2 gnomebane greataxe
  • +1 warhammer
  • ring of protection +1
  • cloak of resistance +1
  • pipes of haunting
  • wand of detect secret doors (10 charges)
  • wand of restoration (14 charges)
  • 2 potions of inflict serious wounds
  • 14 potions of cure serious wounds
  • 10 potions of cure moderate wounds
  • 2 potions of pass without trace
  • scroll of resurrection


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