Male Kobold Wood Elementalist 4
Alignment: Neutral Good
Religion: Gozreh, Green Faith
Familiar: Larch

Age: 28
Height: 2' 10 (86cm)
Weight: 30 lbs (15kg)
Scales: Green/Yellow

Hit Points: 34
Initiative: +3
Speed: 30ft

Abilities: Str 10, Dex 16, Con 14 (16), Int 18, Wis 15, Cha 14
AC: 17
Touch AC 14
Flat-Footed AC 14
Saves: Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +61

BAB/CMB/CMD: +2/0/13
Attack (melee): Quarterstaff: +2 (1d4)
Attack (ranged magic) Splintered Spear, Int to hit (1d4 + Int + Bleed 1)

5-20ft +8 (1d4+5)
25-30ft: +6 (1d4+5)
35-40ft: +5 (1d4+4)
45-60ft: +3 (1d4+4)
65-80ft: +1 (1d4+4)
85-100ft: -1 (1d4+4)

Attack (ranged magic touch) 30ft: Acid Splash +7 (1d3+1)
Attack (ranged) 80ft: Light Crossbow +6 (1d6)

Skills: 5

Acrobatics +7 (4)
Handle Animal +8 (1)
Knowledge Arcana +10 (4)
Knowledge Nature +10 (4)
Knowledge Planes +9 (1)
Knowledge Geography +7 (1)
Perception +2
Ride +5
Sense Motive +2
Spellcraft +10 (4)
Stealth +7
Survival +3 (1)
Use Magic Device +10 (4)

Feats: Point-Blank Shot, Scribe Scroll, Precise Shot
Traits: Dangerously Curious, Slithering Stride, Lucid Dreamer, Marked by Unknown Forces, Two-World Magic (Unwitting Ally)
Racial traits: Day Raider, Beast Bond
Drawbacks: Naive, Fey-Taken
Languages: Draconic, Taldan, Dwarven, Gnome, Undercommon

Abilities and qualities:

Low-Light Vision
Flexible Enhancement: +2 Constitution
Wood Magic
Prohibited School: Metal
Splintered Spear 7/day
Small Size
Arcane Bond: Armadillo Familiar (+1 natural AC)

Spells Memorized: Concentration +7

Cantrips: Unwitting AllyW, Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Acid Splash (Disrupt Undead Now), Light 3/day
lvl 1 [DC 15]: Charm PersonW, Color Spray, Color Spray, Silent Image, Ray of Enfeeblement
lvl 2 [DC 16]: WebW, Entangle, Bull's Strength, Bull's Strength

Spells Known:

lvl 1: Animate RopeW, Charm PersonW, Mage Armor, Color Spray, Silent Image, Enlarge Person, Ray of Enfeeblement, Air Bubble, Comprehend Languages, Unseen Servant X, Identify X, Reduce Person X
lvl 2: WebW, EntangleW, Bull's Strength, Invisibility

Equipment: [25/50/75]

Riding Dog
Light Crossbow
20 Bolts
Wizard's Kit (No torches)
Wand of Magic Missiles (25 charges, CL 3)
Bracers of Armor +1


6x Mage Armor
Comprehend Languages
Air Bubble
Expeditious Retreat


2pp, 127gp, 1100sp, 1500cp (452gp)

Gifts (Carried by Dog)

Ivory Figurine depicting a kobold with horns and wings (50gp.)
Small Masterwork Scale Mail, painted red and made for kobolds, protecting the beginning of the tail aswell (200gp)
Oaken box that's padded inside, containing gemstones (100gp)
Potion of Infernal Healing in a large vial adorned with drawings of dragons (60gp)
Book about chromatic dragons written in dragonic, with drawings (25gp)
Pouch of rare herbs and spices, fitting for kobold taste (50gp)

  • 1: You take a –2 penalty on saving throws against disease, illusions, and poison of all kinds, as well as against the spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities of fey.
  • 1: +2 trait bonus on Will saves against effects on your dreaming mind or subconscious, such as a night hag’s dream haunting ability, the nightmare spell, and illusions of the phantasm subschool.

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