For Sale:

Oleg's Trading Post:

  • Can order masterwork items from Restov, +20% to price.
  • 50gp, Potion of Cloak of The Shade [CL 1]
  • 50gp, Potion of Endure Elements [CL 1]
  • 50gp, Potion of Protection From Chaos [CL 1]
  • 13gp, Divine Scroll of Detect Magic [CL 1]
  • 25gp, Arcane Scroll of Expeditious Retreat [CL 1] (Bought by Buckthorn)
  • 25gp, Divine Scroll of Diagnose Disease [CL 1]
  • 25gp, Divine Scroll of Stone Shield [CL 1]
  • 150gp, Divine Scroll of Barkskin [CL 3]
  • 25gp, Arcane Scroll of True Strike [CL 1]
  • 25gp, Potion of Guidance [CL 1]

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