Sir Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Karthis of Oppara
Character Statistics

Short 10 minute background

Most Essential parts of the Character

1. Princess Eutropia
Constantinus has been in love with the Princess since childhood and always obeyed her when they played together as childs. They may have not been that close since adulthood, but she is the cornerstone of his desires and Constantinus will do absolutely anything for her.

2. Hair
Constantinus very well knows he has the best hair in all of Oppara, even if his competition wouldn't dare to admit it. He allows no insult against his hair and any sullying of it will be punished with utmost vengeance.

3. Clothes
Constantinus loves his extravagant clothes and isn't humble showing them off. A day where he doesn't have a chance to change into new clothes at least once has been a bad day. His favorite color in clothes is yellow.

4. Noble Blood
Constantinus is very proud of his noble birth and his family's long history. He has recently distanced from his house since they aren't supporting his beloved Eutropia. Still the blood is thicker than water and Constantinus is certain that his faimily will turn around intime.

5. Politics
As a true blooded Opparan Constantinus has great desire for politics and standing in centre of attention. He sees him already standing soon at the middle of Senate, maybe even at throne beside dear Eutropia one day..

Main Goals

1. Love of Eutropia
Constantinus dreams of a day when Eutropia would respond to his deepest desires.

2. Highest Power of State
Constantinus knows he is already capable enough for seat in Senate, maybe a grand-duchy would be more appropriate or of course the throne at Eutropia's side.

Deepest Secrets

Well, they are secret. Duh...

People with red strings tied to

1. Eutropia Stavian
Childhood friend to whom Constantinus fell in love. Sadly the friendship has become distant through the years, and at the moment Constantinus can be happy if Eutropia remembers him.

2. Marcus Karthis
Elder brother of Constantinus and heir to the family. The perfect son and pride of family. Marcus has protected Constantinus when he has been troubled or teased as a child. Marcus has also honorably served in the military and is building now career in the Senate, but is still there to protect his little brother when need arises.

3. Maxillar Pythareus
Constantinus and Maxillar have known each other since Constantinus was born both being from prominent families in Oppara with similar beliefs in state-affairs. Constantinus though have have never liked Maxillar and the despise has been mutual. Maxillar as physically stronger, much older and with more friends and influence has had the upper hand through the years. And Constantinus has been forced to use more underhanded tricks to get his vengeance and smear Maxillar back. Now that Maxillar is High Strategos he considers Constantinus more like of an ant to be squished. Also the betrothal that was planned between Maxillar and Eutropia has made Constantinus steam in anger and he is certain that an old goat like Maxillar isn't a good fit for the perfect maiden princess Eutropia of his dreams.


1. Weakness to ladies
Constantinus has all his life had hard times to say no to women. This has led him to multitudes of debaucheries and trying many things he otherwise would have not thought of.

2. Strong belief his eyes are irresistable
Constantinus "knows" no woman can resist his charming eyes and if he likes someone he often stares them in a way he thinks is mysterious. In reality though even if he is successfull in wooing it certainly is for some other reason than this somewhat disturbing stare he does.

3. Childhood memory from visiting Senate first time
When Constantinus was still a little boy his father brought him to see the most glorious scene of Taldor: Full meeting of the Senate. All the noise, pompous speeches, stern men, fabulous clothing made an eternal scene in young Constantinus's mind and made him swear he would stand there one day as well.

Recent Events

Grand Day of Exaltation
This is the favorite day in the year for Constantinus and he has already months waited for this. This year it is even more special than usual. Acquaintance of his Martella Lotheed has seeked for Constantinus's aid on some matters and Constantinus is more than eager for serving the cause, especially as he knows that Martella has some relations with the Princess and this could be a chance for reunion!

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