22. Pelin jälkeen Partyn kassa: 182,375 gp / 45,593 gp per hahmo

  • Scrolls: animate rope, mount, web, dispel magic
  • Potions: enlarge person, hide from animals 7xCSW, 2xNeutralize poison, 4xgaseous form, 4xdelay poison, lesser restoration, 2xremove curse
  • Ointment of flying
  • Restorative ointment
  • Dispel Magic wand 6 charge (CL13)
  • jailer's dungeon ring, 2x prisoner's dungeon ring
  • Taide-esineet, mucho dinero museosta
  • Ring of the recalled soul

Dagio the Great Spellbook:

2nd—acid arrow, invisibility 1st—comprehend languages, magic missile, shield

Count Bartelby Lotheed

3rd-vampiric touch, haste 2nd—bull’s strength, frigid touch, invisibility, mirror image 1st—burning hands, shield, shocking grasp, truestrike, unseen servant

Dame Carodd Hellebore

3rd—dispel magic, fly, haste, fireball 2nd—flaming sphere, glitterdust, mirror image, protection from arrows, scorching ray 1st—burning hands, color spray, expeditious retreat, mage armor, shocking grasp

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