Brass inlay and Taldan military symbols adorn fine wooden stock of this masterwork darkwood light crossbow. The polished stock feels slightly warm to the touch when held. An golden inscription bears the name of General Gerefein of the Seventh Army of Exploration. In his most famous act, the general turned the tide of a prolonged and vicious battle with a canny Kellid warlord. Through the driving snow of a chaotic blizzard, General Gerefein shot practically blind, yet his bolt struck a lethal blow, dashing the warlord from his mount. As the Kellid soldiers watched their leader fall, they broke their charge, leaving General Gerefein the victor on that day.

The crossbow gives its wielder a touch of the luck that bore the general to great victories. Anyone firing Dignity’s Barb reduces miss chances from concealment by 5%.

First Triumph: Dignity’s Barb is a +1 darkwood light crossbow and reduces miss chances from concealment by 10%. In addition, once per day when the weapon threatens a critical hit, the wielder can roll twice to confirm the critical and take the better result.

Second Triumph: Dignity’s Barb is a +1 seeking darkwood light crossbow.

Third Triumph: Dignity’s Barb is a +2 seeking darkwood light crossbow. The wielder can use its ability to roll twice to confirm a critical hit twice per day (though he can use it only once on a given critical threat). In addition, the wielder can attempt a lucky shot to foil a ranged attack. Once per day when a ranged weapon attack targets a creature within 30 feet of the wielder, the wielder can shoot Dignity’s Barb at the projectile as an immediate action. He rolls a ranged attack, and if the result exceeds the attacker’s roll, that attack is negated. This ability can be used only if Dignity’s Barb is loaded or if the wielder can use Rapid Reload or a similar ability.

Fourth Triumph: Dignity’s Barb is a +3 seeking darkwood light crossbow. Its wielder can use its ability to roll twice to confirm a critical hit at will.


This golden ring appears pristine on the outside, but the inside shows centuries of wear, leaving the inner band perpetually polished to a lighter hue than that of the ring’s outer surfaces. A family crest adorns the front, depicting olive branches encircling two crowns, seemingly indicating a house dedicated to ambassadorship and diplomacy. The ring grants its wearer a +2 competence bonus on Diplomacy, Linguistics, and Perform checks. Once per day, the wearer can speak a command word to transform her appearance and clothing, as per disguise self. The appearance of her clothing automatically matches the customs of the dominant culture around her, typically that of the local nobility or ruling class. Her physical features don’t match those of the local people, but features that would make her stand out—such as elf ears in a settlement where no elves live—diminish. This lasts up to 24 hours but can be dismissed at any time. The caster level of any spell effect generated by the ring is 1 + 2 per triumph attained.

First Triumph: The ring can be activated to use charm person (DC = 15 + 1 per additional triumph attained) and comprehend languages, each once per day.

Second Triumph: The ring’s competence bonus on Diplomacy, Linguistics, and Perform check is +3. When the wearer activates the ring’s disguise, she can read, speak, and understand the most common language in the area that shedoesn’t already know for as long as the duration persists.

Third Triumph: The wearer can activate the ring to use charm person at will, though if a creature succeeds at its save, it can’t be targeted again for 24 hours. The ring can also be activated to use charm monster (DC = 20 + 1 per additional triumph attained) once per day.

Fourth Triumph: The ring’s competence bonus on Diplomacy, Linguistics, and Perform checks is +5.


When the brave knight-commander Koriana of Zimar fell within the ranks of the Fifth Army of Exploration, her remains were returned home—along with her sundered steel shield. Her brother Tadric, distraught, focused only on creating a fitting legacy for Koriana’s daughter. Devoting himself to the study of metalcraft and magical crafting, he eventually turned a shard of his sister’s shield into a protective longsword. Though records indicate that Tadric’s niece took up the sword and joined the military, her full tale and the blade’s fate were lost to history. Rumors that she went into clandestine service for the royal family still circulate.

Koriana’s Blade is a +2 defending longsword. It’s strangely curved, betraying its origins, and has five gemstones in its pommel. Four are broken, but the white gem in the center is intact. Once per day, the wielder can trigger this gemstone as an immediate action to absorb and negate all darts targeting her from a magic missile spell. When the wielder transfers at least 1 point of the weapon’s enhancement bonus to her AC using the defending special ability, she also chooses one creature other than herself within 10 feet to gain a +1 bonus to AC until the wielder’s next turn. This bonus is always +1, regardless of how much of the weapon’s bonus the wielder transfers to her AC.

First Triumph: One of the gemstones on the sword’s pommel (determined randomly) repairs itself. Once repaired, a gem can be activated as an immediate action once per day to make the sword’s wielder immune to a single effect of a particular type, as described below, just before she would be affected by it. She must choose to activate the gem before attempting any save or other defense against the effect. The black gem protects against negative energy, the red gem protects against fire effects,the pink gem protects against mind-affecting effects, and the green gem protects against poison effects.

Second Triumph: Koriana’s Blade is a +3 defending longsword. Black gem repairs itself.

Third Triumph: Pink gem repairs itself. The wielder of the sword gains a +1 insight bonus on all saving throws against effects of any type corresponding to one of the sword’s functioning gems.


Fashioned to surround the wearer’s eyes and cover the forehead and cheekbones, this mask is made of porcelain inset with blue and green gems and decorated with golden filigree. When donned, the mask seems to disappear, leaving its golden patterns as tattoos on the wearer’s face and coloring one of the wearer’s eyes green and the other blue. The wearer can remove the mask normally, causing it to appear as a porcelain mask once again. The wearer gains a +2 competence bonus on Sense Motive checks and can use comprehend languages once per day.

First Triumph: The wearer can mentally activate themask as a swift action while conversing with someone or observing a conversation to use detect thoughts (DC = 17 + 1 per additional triumph attained) on a single participant in the conversation. This requires spending the normal number of rounds to detect surface thoughts and can be used for a total of 9 rounds per day. These rounds don’t need to be consecutive.

Second Triumph: The mask grants the wearer a +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma. When the wearer mentally activates the mask, she also detects magical effects as if she were using arcane sight and concentrating on the creature. This happens automatically during the first round of concentration.

Third Triumph: The mask’s enhancement bonus to Charisma is +4.


This meticulously woven flag depicts a horse and an elephant, both about to charge. The tapestry’s green and blue colors underscore the beasts’ connection to Taldor’s distinguished cavalry, the Taldan Horse, in which they have long been the most commonly used mounts. Though this particular piece of heraldry is rather rare in all reaches of the empire, those who know their Taldan military history know that this banner’s design has been used for hundreds of years.

The following effects apply only if the standard is wielded or carried, and it must be attached to the shaft of a lance, polearm, spear, staff, or similar. The standard-bearer and all allies within 60 feet who can see the banner gain a +2 morale bonus on saving throws. They also increase their base speed or fly speed and the base speed or fly speed of mounts they ride by 5 feet. This is treated as an enhancement bonus and doesn’t give a creature a base speed or fly speed if it didn’t have one already. A creature determines whether it can see the banner for the purposes of speed increase at the start of its turn, and it keeps the extra speed even if it moves out of sight later in that turn.

Once per day when the wielder begins a charge action,the standard bearer can use a swift action to call for a battle charge, causing the speed increase from the standard tobecome 20 feet for 1 round. Any affected creature that charges during this round also ignores the penalty to AC from its charge.

First Triumph: Once per day, the standard bearer can activate the banner to teleport himself and up to five allies who are within 10 feet of him. This functions as dimension door, and each transported creature must arrive within 10 feet of the standard of conquest.


This elegant, jeweled blade looks ornamental, but it is just as vicious as any weapon. A large black sapphire glitters in the dagger’s pommel, and the delicate work along the blade’s handle shows amazing artistry. The dagger was forged by Grand Prince Penticus IV to protect his son from a deal he struck with strange outsiders—trading his firstborn in order to win the crown. But Penticus V used the blade to take his own life, denying his father's benefactors their prize and securing the throne for his brother, Tralian V.

Scion’s Dagger is a +3 ghost touch mithral dagger. As a full-round action, the dagger’s owner can designate up to four willing creatures in her presence as her bodyguards. As a standard action, each of these creatures can determine the owner’s location and condition, as per status, as long as the owner is holding the blade. The dagger’s owner can change the designated bodyguards as a full-round action, with each chosen creature beyond four replacing a prior choice.

If the owner of Scion’s Dagger dies while carrying or wielding the blade, her body evaporates into smoke and her soul transfers into the black sapphire as per soul bind, except anyone holding the dagger can attempt to raise her as though they has access to her intact body. This effect fails if a soul already occupies the gem. Alternatively, a creature holding the dagger can instead speak a command word to release the trapped soul into the afterlife.

First Triumph: Once per day, the dagger’s wielder can teleport any number of her bodyguards to her location, as per teleport. They must be willing and within 100 miles, and when they arrive, they appear within 20 feet of the dagger’s wielder in unoccupied spaces chosen by the GM.


Stylistic flourishes and a stout design suggest dwarves had a hand in forging this thick ring. The precise engineering of the small moving parts shows the fine artistry that went into creating the item. The ring features two carved symbols that flank a faceted onyx: one resembles the flag of Taldor, and the other depicts the eye of Aroden.

Each of these three elements can be activated once per day to use a certain spell: the Taldan flag for hold person (DC = 13 + 1 per additional triumph attained), the eye of Aroden for prayer, and the Onyx for stone shape.

Encircling the ring is a second metal band that rotates in place and is studded with a single diamond. If the diamond is aligned with one of the symbols, the wearer gains a +2 luck bonus on certain saving throws: saves against enchantment spells and spell-like abilities if aligned with the Taldan flag, against evil effects if aligned with the eye of Aroden, or against earth and poison effects if aligned with the onyx. Aligning the ring with a symbol is a fullround action.

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