Male Elf Boatswain/Ship's Justice
Alignment: Neutral Good
Inquisitor/Lore Warden (fighter)/Barbarian (urban) 2/2/1
Physical Features: height 198, Weight 71
Experience: never enough
Religion: Desna

Hit Points: 47
Damage taken:
Initiative: +7
Speed: 40ft (30ft)

Abilities: Str 16, Dex 13(16), Con 18(16), Int 14(16), Wis 16, Cha 13(12)
AC: 20 (21 expertise)
Touch AC 14
Flat-Footed AC: 14
Saves: Fort +11, Ref +2, Will +8

BAB/CMB/CMD: +4/+7/21
Attack (melee): mw warhammer: +8 (+7 expertise)(1d8+3 20/x3)
Attack (melee): cutlass: +7 (+6 expertise)(1d6+3 18/x2)
Attack (melee): Sickle: +7 (+6 expertise)(1d6+3 20/x2)
Attack (melee): Dagger: +7 (+6 expertise)(1d4+3 19/x2)
Attack (melee): Heavy wooden shield: +7 (+6 expertise)(1d4+1 20/x2)
Attack (Dualwield): Main weapon +5(+4 expertise) to hit/off weapon +5 (+4 expertise) to hit
Attack (ranged): Sling [20]: +7 (1d4+3, 20/x2) 50ft
Attack (melee): Falcata +1, keen:+8 (1d8+4, 17/x3)

Acrobatics +2 (3)
Appraise +3 (0)
Bluff* +5 (1)
Climb* +4 (2)
Craft* () 0 (0)
Diplomacy* +7 (3)
Heal* +8 (2)
Intimidate* +7 (2)
Knowledge* (Arcana) + 8(2)
Knowledge* (local) +7 (1)
Knowledge* (Religion) +7 (1)
Knowledge* (Nature) +10 (4)
Knowledge* (Dungeoneering) + 8(2)
Knowledge* (Engineering) +8 (2)
Perception* +11 (3)
Profession (Cook)* +7 (1)
Profession (Sailor)* +8 (2)
Sense Motive* +9 (2)
Spellcraft* +8 (2)
Stealth* +4 (2)
Survival* +8 (2)
Swim* +8 (2)/+13

Feats: Two weapon fighting, Improved Shield Bash, iron will, dodge
Traits: Shield-trained (treat shields as simple weapons, heavy shield is light weapon), Warrior of old (+2 init), Worldly (1/day when attempting a skill check for untrained skill roll twice and take better result)
Racial traits: Spirit of the waters (replace weapon and magical affinity, +4 swim, can take 10 swimming)
Drawbacks: Mark of Slavery (-2 to skillchecks if failing a skillcheck, penalty lasts until end of next turn)
Languages: Common(Taldane), Elven, Sylvan, Orc, Draconic

Abilities and qualities:

Low-light vision
Stern gaze (+1/2 inquisitor lvl to intimidate & sense motive
Monster lore (+wisdom to knowledge checks to identify monster weaknesses)
Domain: Travel (+10ft base speed, ignore difficult terrain 3+wis rounds/day)
Judgement 1/day
detect alignment
cunning initiative
combat expertise
Controlled rage (+4 [or +2/+2] to any physical stat, no AC penalty, no other bonus)
Crowd control (+1 AC when adjacent to 2 or more foes)


orisons: Read magic, Create water, disrupt undead, detect magic, stabilize
lvl 1: Cure light wounds, Command (save DC 14), bless water

Equipment: [76/153/230]

Explorer's outfit: Cloak (dark gray, wool), White(ish) linen tunic, pale gray linen vest, pale gray breeches, well fitting and worn leather boots, thin leather gloves, light woolen scarf.
Wide-brimmed hat, leather, black, with brass buckle on front, worn.
Large backpack, filled to bursting, extra stuff hanging outside the pack.
Cold weather outfit (Wools -pale, unbleached- & light furs, relies on layering more than thickness) Shirt, coat, cloak, cap, mittens, socks, boots, breeches.
Bedroll, hammock, blanket, 4 sq. yards of canvas
belt pouch for small stuff
cooking kit, fishing net, hooded lantern, soap, waterskin
holy symbol, wooden
ring of swimming +5
MW Cat o'nine tails


Armored coat +4 AC, max dex +3, -2 check penalty
Heavy wooden shield +2 AC, -2 check penalty



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