Many things can happen while docked or sailing the seas...
Suluissa aina niiden nimet jotka on jo kirjottanu vastineensa

  • A gentleman comes looking for the elf with an ugly and fresh scar. He introduces himself as Jonathan Metr, a purveyor of special goods. Updated (Arhalien, Baolo, Caio, Corwin.)


  • A veteran sailor hails the ship from the docks next morning and asks to speak with the captain. He wants to enlist. He has skills, references and an anchor tattoo. (Arhalien, Baolo, Caio, Corwin)
  • Barefoot Samms Toppin wants to speak with the officers. She's not meant to be a pirate. She doesn't even have a fine leather jacket. (Arhalien, Baolo, Caio, Corwin)
  • A visit needs to be made to dockside provisions to purchase food and other necessities. Updated (Arhalien 1, Baolo1.1 Caio, Corwin)


  • Bloodcove has a demand for wild elven slaves imported from Mwangi Expanse. Rumors tell of slavers in Senghor, a metropolis to south where slave trade is prohibited. A captain able to smuggle slaves out of the city to Bloodcove could make a fortune.
  • Sahuagin are on the warpath. The city of Ollo suffers from the attacks more than usual, and rumors tell of Sahuagin warparties to the east and southeast of the city aswell.

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