The Wormwood is set for battle as it catches the merchant ship. Bolts fly back and forth, with two magical fogs covering Wormwood's approach. The group is tasked with taking the ship's aft deck, dealing with the two small ballistae set there and to stop anyone from escaping on the two small boats on both sides of the deck.

The four cross over with hook and rope, or in some cases by simply daring the gap between the two ships and jumping. Once over, they're met with fierce resistance from armed sailors. The melee goes back and forth, with wounds inflicted on both sides but the sailors numbers decline steadily. With Arhalien and Corwin holding the defenders at bay, Caio has the chance to help captain Harrigan against a dastardly attack from behind. A new bunch of sailors run to the aft, trying to let loose one of the small boats. They perish in a flurry of blows from Corwin and Caio. With most of the sailors dead, the group set their sights on the last three sailors and their female officer, managing to kill the three and wound the officer. The woman escapes overboard and into the sea full of sharks, only to have Baolo jump in after her and drag her back up. He doesn't try to strangle her. Caio fires one of the ballistae, aiming for one of Plugg's minions but only manages to wound him. Perhaps inadvertently helping cover up the attempted murder, Arhalien heals the poor man despite the grievous injuries he himself sustained from a ballista shot.

With the ship secured, the captain declares a celebration and division of the loot. The group is well rewarded for their efforts, with Caio receiving two magical items for helping Harrigan during the boarding.

The night turns into morning and changes are on the horizon. The new ship is seized by the captain, transferring Plugg and Scourge over, as the new captain and first mate respectively. The old crew and the cook also move over as the surviving sailors from the seized ship are press ganged to work on the Wormwood.

Captain Harrigan orders Plugg, now captain, to follow after him for Port Peril. Wormwood sets sail due north as the party stays behind and settle into sleep for the first time in their new ship. They set off in the morning, only to notice that captain Plugg is taking them east. They deduce that they must be heading for the port of Bloodcove.

Plugg's treatment of the crew is harsh. They work sixteen hour shifts, with the ship stopping each night for an eight hour rest. Only the cat o' nine-tails is used for punishment, Plugg preferring to completely forgo the usual whip for punishment. No one is permitted above board during the rest period. This goes on for three days and then the ship runs into a particularly fierce storm. Two members of the crew, Sandara Quinn and Giffer Tibbs, are reported missing. One of the crew says he thought he spotted a bunch of grindylows dragging them overboard during the storm.

Soon after the ship runs into a reef, thanks to the marvelous navigating skills of captain Plugg. As if the repairs needed weren't enough, the ships water stores were also ruined by the collision. The group is told to take one of the lifeboats and make for a nearby island in search of fresh water. The repairs should take at least two days and this is the amount of time the party has to make it back to the ship.

Setting off, they scout the island at first and stay mostly to the shoreline, avoiding nightmarish unmoving skeletons in the water. Eventually they make their way through a marshy area, fighting two giant frogs at a crossing. Caio makes his way across with ease, only to have to turn around as a frog ambushes Baolo, who ends up pulled into the deep water. Next up is Arhalien, who after a few jumps opts to fall in to the water with his typical elven grave and heavy armor. A second frog appears but is driven back by the combined efforts of Arhalien, Caio and Corwin. The first frog and Baolo disappear underwater as the barbarian pins the frog down and tries to drown it. He gives up after a while, since apparently frogs don't drown easy.

They continue on with minor injuries, coming upon a worn tent and a huge tree. A sickly smell envelops the area and within the tent are three whores, now bearing ghoulish appearances. The three undead almost overwhelm the four adventurers, Baolo falling first from paralysis. With some smart fighting the remaining three manage to best the ghouls and come away from the tent bearing some well deserved loot.

They find an overgrown field of corn stalks but opt to avoid it in favor of a stockaded cabin on top of a small rise. They deal with a strange plant creature within and more undead. They discover a safe place to rest and best of all, a spring of fresh water. Arhalien spies a nearby cave, grindylows moving around the entrance. The group rests for the rest of the day and decides to brave the grindylow nest with the hope of finding the two missing crew members.

One after another the sea goblins fall in their caves, dying by the numbers. Eventually the group comes face to face with a monstrous grindylow-like creature and their missing priestess and gnome. With much finesse, bravado and grit from the party, the huge monster falls to the combined might of Corwin and Caio and the two prisoners are saved from drowning by Baolo and Arhalien. Baolo doesn't try to strangle anything. They scour the caves for treasure, finding many precious things and magical items. The priestess also gives her hat, a holy item of Besmara, to the group as thanks for the rescue.

The six make plans to deal with captain Plugg and mister Scourge for good upon their return, retiring to the cabin for one more night of rest before their mutiny.

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