-Ambrose Kroop - Ship's Cook (Helpful)
-Sandara Quinn - Crew: Cleric of Besmara (Helpful)
-Giffer Tibbs - Crew: Gnome gambler (Helpful), quartermaster
-Jack Scrimshaw - Crew: Ex-armwrestler (Friendly), corpsman
-Tilly Brackett - Crew: Drinking Swabber (Unfriendly/Stayed)
-Shivikah Crew: Plugg's minion (Hostile/Joined)
-Owlbear Harthshorn: Simpleton (Helpful)

-Nelson Grills, Human Male
-Wade Plank, Human Male
-Gloria Blamey, Half-elf Female
-Wyatt Goldsworthy, Dwarf Male
-Gordon "Dead Man" Bruce, Human Male
-Coconut Crazy, Half-Orc Male, night crew
-Harriet Knuckles, Human Female
-Samson Goff, Human Male
-Orlando White, Human Teen, Gunner's mate
-Sherman Wolfe, Human Teen, helmsman in training
-Teenage siege engineer wonderboy

Misc. Crew 26

Captain Plugg, Wormwood's old First Mate, now ex-captain of the seized merchant vessel - Asshole with a whip
Master Scourge, First Mate to captain Plugg - Douchebag with an attitude
Rosie Cusswell - Crew: Halfling fiddler, friendly, beheaded by Plugg during our mutiny
Badger Medlar - Crew: Plugg's minion
Slippery Syl Lonegan Crew: Plugg's minion
Tam Tate Crew: Plugg's minion
Maheem Crew: Plugg's minion (Marooned)
Rattsberger - Crew: Halfling rigger (Friendly), murdered in Ollo, by the cardshark-gang
Leon Dean, Human Teen, jumped overboard when pursued by deathknell
Otherwise exited the scene:
-Jaundiced Jape Crew: Plugg's minion (Hostile/Left), Left the ship at Blood Cove
-Conchobhar Turlach - Crew: Wannabe gnome pirate (Ran away), Fled during our mutiny, might still be in shipwreck isle, but has propably perished there
-Crimson Cogward - Crew: Thief and trader (Hostile/Left), Left the ship at Blood Cove
-Captain Harrigan - Wormwood's captain (Indifferent), Sailed away with wormwood, leaving Pluggy in charge...
-Cut-Throat Grok - Wormwood's Quartermaster (Gone), stayed with Harrigan's crew
-Liza Inch, Human Female, night crew, possibly left the ship while in Ollo
-Barefoot Samms Toppin- Crew: Fisherwoman (Friendly), abandoned to Ollo
-Derek Barber, Human Teen, gunner's mate, Given back to his father, who, we hope, won't kill us Valiantly gave himself up to an evil nobleman in Bloodcove, to save the ship and her crew. Peace be with you, noble knight. -LCode\\

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