While still docked in Bloodcove, the gentleman approaches. He has heard of an ugly elf wandering the city asking for shields made of rare materials. He claims he can import such rare items... for a price.

Update 1: No money needs to be paid up front. An Aspis enforced contract will be made where both sides agree to deliver their side of the bargain. Prices for the orders are 110-120% of the stock price, depending on availability. Metr also offers to buy magical items for 30-50% of their stock value, depending on how easy a particular item is to sell. (e.g. a magical sword or armor sells for 50%, an exotic item such as an instrument sells for 30%)

What do you do?

Caio: Seeing as we're not hearing a rain of gold when counting our cash, I see no personal interest in dealing with the man. I've no particular wish to enter into a binding contract where I gain nothing, others may do as they please.
Baolo: If someone wants to make personal buy, then fine by me, but not needing for ship equipment as we aint have cash to this.
Corwin: if the price is right im willing to make some orders for materials when i have the gold...

so at this time i rather no promise to buy anything as i have no gold for what i would need and no knowlege of the possible gold or when i would have it...

Arhalien: If this loutish beggar can deliver, then he has earned a sensible price plus a modest compensation for the trouble of importing said items. But no money will be paid in advance. Port Peril is always an option for more exotic item needs.

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