Whale skull with scrimshaw carvings and runes. (25lbs) (Runes function as scrolls of alter self, black tentacles, blur, color spray, daylight, enlarge person, hypnotism, slow, touch of idiocy and vampiric touch)
Ivory bone map of the small island, adorned with gold decorations (?gp)

Ship's money

30gp worth of teeth

Ship's Provisions

(Current daily usage: 49 rations/day)
1368 rations of food
1568 rations of grog
250 meals worth of perishables
2000 rations of coffee
2 potion of CMW
1 potion of blur
10 ballistae bolts

Some general prices:

200 rations of food (100gp)
500 rations of grog (5gp)
200 rations of common coffee (2gp)
30 meals worth of perishables (18gp) (Means fresh fruits and other quickly spoiling supplies. Usually used to supplement regular diet.)
5 fishnets (20gp)
Nautical Chart (25gp)
Total cost: 170gp
Wedding dress (400gp, pearls rubies etc)

Ship Armory

5 daggers
3 boarding axes
6 spears
6 x Alchemist's fire, carried in a small wooden chest
Screaming bolts (3)
5 heavy crossbows
5 light crossbows
200 bolts
9 cutlasses
8 oils (oil of taggit)
mw hand axe, Corwin
6 tridents
12 short spears


chain shirt +1, baolo
elixir of swim
cure mod wounds
200 gp gems
Magical falcata, +1 keen, arhalien
light crossbow
mw armored coat, arhalien
light steel shield
mw thieves tools, caio
6 half plate
6 buckler
6 cutlass
3 boarding pike
2 ballistae, light
1 catapult, 8 stones
11 light ballistae bolts
2 plunder (fruit & wool)
2 light ballistae, 16 bolts

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