He's called Tharnoth Fourthumbs. He's heard the captain has been zealously hiring new crew. He has experience, and he wants to enlist. He looks like an experienced sailor and pirate, in almost a theatrical kind of way.

Update 1: He gladly joins the crew. He says he can do pretty much any task on the ship, apart from cooking.

What do you do?

Caio: We've plenty of people with little to no experience, welcome aboard!
Baolo: Recruiting decisions are made by Caio, if accepted i'll look him best spot according to his capabilities.
Corwin: "we allways need more experienced men and women aboard, lets hier him i say!"
Arhalien feels there's something wrong with this man. He probably is what he claims to be, but there's something fishy going on.
We are short on crew. Even if I don't trust this one, we need sailors. If he can climb, he is hired as a rigger (most acute shortage).

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