Golem Generator

Techmancery is not treated as science or engineering, but magic. Creating advanced Techmantic contraptions such as golems is a mystical, personal process. There are standard construction procedures, but each Techmancer and Mekanima add their own touch to the end result. The Golem Generator provides a way to portray the differences. You can use golems from the creature list as a base and then roll random modifications from the tables. The generator is divided into six parts. Each category is rolled once with d66.

Appearance describes the general look of the golem with a single adjective.

Details bring up two special features which stand up from the whole. They can provide +2 TN or -2 TN under special circumstances.

Maker gives a short description of the golem's creator. This can give it further flavor.

Flaw is a weakness inherent to the golem. It is a result of bad design or wear and tear – some golems can be centuries old, but still in use.

Advantage is a special quality inherent to a particular golem.

For example, let's say a GM is looking to flavor a Light War Golem. He rolls 14 ending with spider-like appearance. Details are 22 – human-like face and 41 – flame-blasting exhausts. Maker is a treacherous plotter (12). The golem is flawed with a slow turn speed (64), but it has an exotic sensor (15) embedded within.

As a result, the GM would now have a spider-like golem with a human face – say, the face of a saint or the Golden Lord – at front. When the golem moves, it lets out blasts of fire from exhausts around the body. The face sounds creepy, so that could give +2 TN to intimidation. The fiery exhausts, on the other hand, make sneaking in the dark harder, giving -2 TN to Stealth. The golem was created by a treacherous plotter, so it has clearly multiple back gates and hidden controls – a clear plot hook, if necessary. Since the golem turns slowly, it would take one action in combat to change facing. On the other hand, the exotic sensor could be a motion detector, giving it -1D to Perception checks when noticing moving targets.

Golem Generator
11InsectoidWingsRepeats heard wordsInsane geniusInefficient reactorThick armor
12Great beastTracksCovered with flayed skinTreacherous plotterFlammableHidden weapon
13Common animalWheelsCovered with holy scripturesCrazed occultistVery noisyEasy to repair
14SpiderMultiple handsCovered with obscenitiesBitter hermitWeak spotHidden compartment
15SerpentineThousands little legsPainted in very bright colorsHunted hereticBrittle armorExotic sensor
16BirdPropellersCovered with bloody scratchesPolitical activistLeaks BlightGrappling lines & hooks
21KnightMultiple antennaePuffs steamOrthodox golemsmithVery heavyVery fast
22SavageHuman-like faceBillows black smokeApprentice golemsmithDifficult to repairEmergency medkit
23PriestThousands of eyesWeeps oilDedicated bookwormIgnores obstaclesRapid reactions
24MaidenFacial tendrilsSqueaking jointsSkilled golemsmithTakes orders literallySelf-destruct mechanism
25HunterBlinking lightsHundreds flags and ribbonsNaive dreamerNever learnsCamouflage
26SaintHeadlessWhistles constantlyRuthless upstartNo handsExtra skills
31AngelExhumes gasDischarges electricityReligious fanaticVery slowSelf-repairing
32DemonLeaps and hopsDrips waterDevious tricksterStolen propertyProjects communications
33SkeletonPlays musicPounding pistonsRelaxed slackerShoddy subsystemsLearns quickly
34HellhoundDances constantlyJacob's ladderMorbid jokerFreezes randomlyScavenges improvements
35LycanthropeMutters inaudiblyGurgling cooling pipesCruel warmongerLocked limb/weaponEfficient reactor
36MermaidAttracts insectsCoughing engineSelf-taught dabblerPeculiar fuel requirementsExcellent safety protocols
41AbsurdOccult symbolsFlame-blasting exhaustsCreative scavengerExotic user interfaceAncient cartography
42MoltenScripture quotesBooming drumsAncient MekanimaNo face recognitionTracking system
43WoodenFractal inscriptionsBouncing gaitWannabe vigilanteHostile to animalsReinforced chassis
44BrassGlowing numbersIncense burnersCurious inventorMay forget ordersContains large database
45BronzedHeretical symbolismBadly rustedStrict father figureNot waterproofEmergency shelter kit
46Made of scrapPagan relicsRotten stenchCheap salesmanVulnerable to coldKnows old secrets
51DragonOvergrown with vinesDressed as a little girlRacist jingoistWorn jointsNon-lethal weapons
52CyclopsStudded with fake gemsTranslucent chassisManic tweakerReacts very slowlyArs Proelium
53ChimeraMirrored surfaceAncient advertisementsDesperate bachelorComplicated starting procedureArs Mechanicus
54BasiliskFeatheredRecycled partsJovial drunkNo brakesArs Nuntius
55HydraOld battle damageRotating searchlightLonely thinkerVulnerable to grit and dustArs Navale
56Sea monsterBad burn marksMetallic tentaclesParanoid plotterOversensitive sensorsArs Hospetaler
61Swarm of cogsBroken voice boxDisturbingly human eyesArchaic elderExposed ammoTrailblazing tools
62Skinless humanJammed servosRoyal portraitBlind/deaf golemsmithScrambles FarspeakersTransformable physical form
63Rolling discClogged engineColony of insectsJudgmental moralistCan't climbRiver-crossing equipment
64Crawling horrorDrips toxic oilForgotten standardImpulsive eccentricTurns very slowlyEmergency beacon
65Naked machineryRepeats everything thriceSaintly haloSlick bootlickerNo safety protocolsElectrified surface
66Clockwork childMechanic laughHorrifying trophiesTormented soulMight overheatFortification equipment

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