This page is an brainstorming page for the final name of the game. ARIUS: the Ashen Age was the final choice, these have been left visible for posterity.

Leading suggestions:

Age/Aeon of Ignorance

Reign of Ignorance

Thus Told Clockwork Angel || Sufficiently enigmatic 2ka ; +1 but would replace told with spoke Ini

Following up:

Age/Aeon of Ash / Ashen Aeon/Age

Chronicles of Ash / Ashen Chronicles

Legacy of Ash / Ashen Legacy || Fits the story and suits the mood, but a tad generic 2ka

Saints of Ash / Ashen Saints

Aftermath: Thus Spoke the Clockwork Angel

Aftermath: the Clockwork Age

Other suggestions:

Purgatory: Age of Ignorance

Decadence: Age of Ignorance

Decadence: the Clockwork Age

Age of Crassitude

The Clockwork Dawn

The Clockwork Dawns

The Clockwork Dawning

The Bronze Dawn

The Bronze Tooth

Aerus: Ignorance

Saints of Ignorance

Saints/Age of Ignorance and Ash


Of Clockworks and Men || This pun is very overused, don't recommend it Ini


Chronicles of Decadence

Burnt World

Burnt Lands

Broken World

Ashen World

Last Chronicle

Age of Ruin

Clockwork Heroes

Golems & Courtesans

Clockwork Aeon

Last Scripture

Age of Rot

Age of Brass

Omnium Chronicles

Tales of Blight & Corruption

Clockwork Tales

Clockwork Dissonance || 2ka

Clockwork Dream



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