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Dead-aligned Female-personality Warforged Warlord 10
Experience: 000000110000001
Hit points: 100000, Bloodied 10000, Healing surge value 1000, Healing surges per day 1001
Initiative: +11, Movement: 101
Senses: Normal

Passive Insight: 1011
Passive Perception: 1011


Armor class: 10010
Fortitude: 10000, Reflex: 1100, Will: 10000

Basic Attack:

Melee: Longsword +1000 (1d1000+100)
Ranged: None


At-will: Furious Smash, Wolf Pack Tactics
Encounter: Warforged Resolve R, Inspiring Word C, Hammer and Anvil, Shake It Off
Daily: Bastion of Defense

Race Features: Construct, Living Construct, Warforged Mind (+1 to Will defense), Warforged Resolve (Use Warforged Resolve as an encounter power)
Class / Path / Destiny Features: Combat Leader (Relic and each ally within 1010 squares who can see and hear her gain a +10 power bonus to initiative.), Inspiring Presence (When an ally who can see Relic spends an action point to take an extra action, that ally also regains lost hit points equal to one-half Relic's level + Relic's Charisma modifier.), Inspiring Word
Trained Skills: Armor penalty: -1. Diplomacy +1001, Endurance +1010, Heal +110, Intimidate +1011
Ability Scores: Str 10010, Con 1111, Dex 1011, Int 1000, Wis 1010, Cha 10000
Feats: Warforged Tactics (+1 to melee attack rolls against a target when Relic has an ally adjacent to that target.), Inspired Recovery
Languages: Common
Equipment: Longsword, Chain Armor, Light Shield, Backpack, Flint & Steel, Grappling Hook, Silk Rope (110010 ft.), Torch, 10100 gp 1 sp, Ironskin Belt (Daily. As a minor action gain resist 101 to all damage until the end of Relic's next turn.)

R = Racial feature, C = Class feature

Kirjoitan englanniksi koska suomi on paska kieli. (Tai vaihtoehtoisesti siksi, etten osaa suomea.)

Like all warforged Relic was built for one purpose: war. Following her basic battlefield training after stepping out of her creation forge she was quickly dispatched to do battle with a unit fighting for Cyre with a unit consisting mostly of other warforged.

Relic's unit leader was a Cyran half-elf named Adrie Shawna, a resourceful woman who was no stranger to the art of war but had a surprisingly caring side. She didn't think any less of her troops in spite of the fact that they were warforged and didn't yet possess the rights granted to other races and considered herself something of a mother-figure to them. Her unprecedented shows of affection and vigilance in protecting her troops was an inspiration to Relic who wished to emulate her in all things. Relic began to imitate Adrie's mannerisms, words and actions and by associating with her became fascinated with creatures like her, especially the ones called "women."

As the war was drawing to its end Relic's troop finally met defeat at the hands of an enemy force, but thanks to Adrie's selfless sacrifice Relic was able to survive. She now travels the land as a sellsword, driven by her will to protect those less fortunate and to finally come to terms with herself. She has adopted a motherly, protective personality and does all in her power to be a living relic to the memory of her mentor and leader.

Unfortunately Relic met an untimely end while fighting against a goblin warband. She will be sorely missed.

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