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Unaligned Male Dwarf Avenger 2
Hit points: 35, Bloodied 17, Healing surge value 9, Healing surges per day 9
Initiative: +1, Movement: 5
Senses: Low-light vision

Passive Insight: 15
Passive Perception: 20


Armor class: 17
Fortitude: 14, Reflex: 15, Will: 16

Basic Attack:

Melee: Executioner's Axe +7 (1d12+6) (Brutal 2, high crit)
Ranged: None


At-will: Bond of Retribution, Radiant Vengeance
Encounter: Avenging Echo, Resonant Escape, Channel Divinity C, Oath of Enmity C
Daily: Aspect of Might

Race Features: Cast-Iron Stomach (+5 racial bonus to saving throws against poison), Dwarven Resilience (Snorri can use his second wind as a minor action instead of a standard action), Dwarven Weapon Proficiency, Encumbered Speed, Stand Your Ground (When an effect forces Snorri to move through a pull, a push, or a slide he can move 1 square less than the effect specifies. This means an effect that normally pulls, pushes, or slides a target 1 square does not force him to move unless he wants to. In addition, when an attack would knock him prone, he can immediately make a saving throw to avoid falling prone.)
Class / Path / Destiny Features: Armor of Faith, Censure of Retribution (When any enemy other than Snorri's oath of enmity target hits him, he gains a bonus to damage rolls against his oath of enmity target equal to his Intelligence modifier until the end of his next turn. This bonus is cumulative.), Channel Divinity, Oath of Enmity
Trained Skills: Armor penalty: 0. Endurance +10, Heal +10, Perception +10, Religion +9
Ability Scores: Str 11, Con 15, Dex 10, Int 16, Wis 18, Cha 8
Feats: Dwarven Weapon Training, Melee Training
Languages: Common, Dwarven
Equipment: Cloth armor, executioner's axe, backpack, bedroll, flint and steel, belt pouch, 10 days' trail rations, 50 ft. hempen rope, 2 sunrods, waterskin, holy symbol

R = Racial feature, C = Class feature

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