Arius: the Ashen Age (former project name "Purgatory") is a roleplaying game taking place in a broken, post-apocalyptic world. Technology has declined into magic and the society is oppressive and hypocritical. Power and wealth are concentrated in the hands of a corrupted few. Now, for the first time in centuries, the world is at flux and things are changing. For better or worse - that is where the player characters will play their part for the future.

Each group and GM can choose how to interpret the world. It can be seen as fantasy, science fiction or a mix of both. The modularity extends to the rules. Rules can be customised by picking and choosing optional rules. Some make the game gritty and dark, others heroic and light-hearted. You can choose what genre to play and how to interpret the world.

In the Ashen Age, reality is a matter of perception.

Read the introduction here.

Check scenarios I and scenarios II for outlines of adventures in the destroyed world.

Adventure & Campaign Seeds give a further idea on what you can do with the game.

Current Status

Arius: the Ashen Age is currently in beta testing, version number 1.1. As comments are received, the game will evolve further before publishing. The game is ready to play. It lacks some additional editing and proofreading, some illustrations, maps and the webpage. New beta testers are welcome.

So what's special about ARIUS: the Ashen Age?

  • Modular world. There are many ways to interpret the very reality of the game world.
  • Modular rules. You can choose what to use and play multiple genres.
  • Excellent support. Buyers get access to a lot of online materials as a free bonus.
  • No final truths. There are multiple explanations for everything - choose your own.

Joining the Beta

If you are interested in getting your hands on ARIUS: the Ashen Age, email ashenage at or join #Purgatory @ IRCnet. There is a simple requirement; test the game and share your experiences. Telling everyone about the awesomeness of the game is a plus!

Future Plans

ARIUS: the Ashen Age, once finished, will be first published online as a PDF. People who buy the game receive a keycode, which allows access to online bonus materials. The online support includes things such as adventures, additional equipment and rules, campaign seeds and NPCs. A printed version is a possibility if the online version is received well.

What is this wiki for?

The wiki is used to keep people in the beta test up with developement. Stuff like bonus materials, changelogs for new beta PDFs and illustration sketches will be uploaded here. Likewise, the wiki can work as a central archive for comments, discussions & feedback. Actual game materials etc. are limited to the beta testers.

Newest additions

Starter Scenario to help you on the way.

Character Templates for helping newbies; use them to make a character in five minutes.

Coming next

More NPCs are incoming.

"Cheat sheets" for basic rules, combat and character generation follow at some point. In practice, this means one sheet which contains all about the subject in a condensed form. For example, the character generation cheat sheet has all the necessary info to create characters with point buy. You can print these and hand them to your players.

Poisons will be uploaded soon.

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