Clan Skryre Jezzail Sniper

Unlike the two Skaven Jezzail teams of Clan Skryre armies, the Jezzail Sniper is a specialist, who works best alone. The Jezzail Sniper is armed with the dreaded Jezzail rifle, a weapon that fires bullets of refined wyrdstone that explode on impact, making a mockery of the thickest armour. These connoiseurs of long-ranged death are rare in Mordheim, but in recent years the influx on Skaven warbands has caused a demand for their services.

35 gold crowns to hire + 15 gold crowns upkeep. Rating +12 and +1 for each experience.

May Be Hired: Skaven only.


Weapons/Armour: Light armour, sword, dagger and jezzail rifle (counts as Hochland long rifle).


Sniper Elite: The Sniper counts as having the Skaven special skill Infiltrate.

One Shot, One Kill: The Sniper has a knack for finishing of his targets quickly and with as few shots as possible. Add +1 to all injury rolls caused by the sniper using his jezzail rifle.

This Is My Rifle, This Is My Gun: The Sniper will never give away his jezzail rifle, nor can it be taken from his cold, dead hands; he will have booby-trapped it to self-destruct at the event of his untimely demise.

Skills: A Sniper may choose from Shooting and Speed skills when he gains a new skill.

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