Prologue: Father Gotmund’s Suggestion

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The game continues straight from where it ended last time. Sir Richard and his date, dame Steinfurst are escorting a hoboesque man to see sister Meori. Meanwhile sister Meori is catching up with her friend from the Engineers’ Guild, Cut. When there is a knock on the door, Cut decides to discreetly leave and Richard escorts the hobo in. Turns out tht he is indeed Meori’s mentor father Gotmund. After the two nobles leave father Gotmund asks for his students help in something.

The monastery where Meori studied is in trouble. Gotmund does not know exactly know what kind of trouble but he tells Meori what he knows and asks for her help. Father Gotmund is the librarian of the monastery and he has been noticing strange occurrences recently. During the night when he locks the library thing have been moving as if by their own volition. Book have changed places or shelves. Some books that were left open have been found closed an books that were left closed have been found open. Another strange thing is that there is no sign of handling on the books, they are all dusty. Gotmund also tells Meori that his new apprentice; Anthony, has seen something strange. He was sweeping the floors of the lower level of the library one evening and he saw strange green moving lights. When he went closer to investigate, he didn’t find anything.

Because of these strange occurrences, Gotmund has locked the library and made sure that nobody stays there at night. Gotmund asks Meori to help solve the mystery because he is afraid that if the Church’s security faction or the Inquisition find out the monastery could be accused of heresy. This is a concern for Gotmund especially because he is afraid that there is something supernatural going on in the monastery. He asks for Meori’s help to solve the mystery because he has not been able to solve it on his own. He asks Meori to be discreet, because nobody knows yet what is going on and he would like to keep it secret for as long as possible. There is a slight problem though, an acquaintance of Meori’s sister Gabrielle is nowadays part of the Escatonic order’s police and she would be more than eager to hear about something like this. Gotmund tells Meori that she can take anyone she wants with her or anyone she thinks she will need.

At the same time Richard is escorting dame Steinfurst back to her room and dame Steinfurst is being very demure. There is even a misunderstanding that Richard would be interested in making sweet, sweet love to dame Steinfurst and she has nothing at all against it. Richard, thanks to his smarts and sense of etiquette managed to wiggle out of it. Dame Steinfurst however thinks that he is playing hard to get.

At the same time in the fest hall sir Aran is in the company of his lord Horatio who is partying hard with his old friends Udoro, Reginald and Eustace. They party until dawn and all end up with epic hangovers, all but sir Aran, who was not drunk.

Outside count Udoro’s castle in the city of Veet, Cut has returned to his Guild sponsored roachmotel to find that not only does he have a roommate, but that the roommate is trying to hack into a lightbulb. Cut is not surprised by the bizarreness and stupidity of the human race and the bald woman in the hotel room is no different. Cut spends his evening tinkering with his pet project, aka stealing electricity from the neighbours.

The next morning sir Richard goes to attend morning prayer because it is good for his soul. Veronica takes her sister out for a morning ride to discuss cousin Nicholas and Vanessa’s opinions on the young guard. Vanessa is smitten with cousin Nicholas and she wants to be a Mountbatten! She also says that princess Carolandra is crazy. Veronica also tries to catch the Phoenix Knight sir Brendon’s eye, but he is nowhere to be seen. The Black Knight however is. He is on the practice field being hammered by dame Steinfurst’s battle axe.

Then Veronica goes to see princess Carolandra. She is at the dojo, building up muscle strength. Veronica asks her to talk to Vanessa about the Young Guard. Veronica also ask the princess whether she is too old for marriage. The take a couple of rounds fencing and carolandra declares her an excellent fencer. Sister Meori comes to the doo looking for Veronica and is introduced to the princess. Then she and Veronica leave and Meori tells her about fater Gotmund’s problem. Veronica agrees to help her confessor and asks who else Meori thinks they would need. Cousin Richard comes to mind as well as a phoenix Knight who happens to be in residence.

The go to speak with Richard, who suggests a dinner where they could discuss the situation. Meori tells them that she will bring father Gotmund and Veronica says that she will talk to the Phoenix Knight. Then sir Aran becomes the topic of discussion and sister Meori suggests that he might be useful. Richard volunteers to ask him to be present. They all go their separate ways to make preparations.

Richard goes to see his uncle Eustace who is terribly, tragically hung over. They discuss Aran and uncle Eustace agrees to talk to lord Horatio about Aran. Uncle Eustace thinks that it is a great idea and he invites everyone to dinner. He also suggests that they practice some fencing and they do. This makes Richard decide that he need to learn how to fence better.

Meori goes to see father Gotmund and they discuss the dilemma more. Meori also contacts Cut and asks him to join in the fun, but Cut isn’t really interested.

Veronica goes to see sir Brendfon the Phoenix Knight, who is surprised to see her. She asks him for his help, but he cannot help her. He needs to continue his tour in the name of the empire. He makes a bold move in asking to write to her and Veronica agrees. Before the dinner she goes to see her mother who is less than enthused about Carolandra’s presence in the castle. She also hints that she and Veronica’s father are embarrassed about her and would not have any problem if she were to retreat into a monastery. In other words; be out of sight and out of mind. Veronica is depressed by this and suspects that she is in fact too old for marriage.

The dinner begins and the details of the coming trip are discussed. Sir Aran agrees to join and everyone agrees that they should leave the following morning. Duckworth would handle the travel arrangements. The game ended there and the next session will begin the following morning.

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