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The game continued right from where we left off last time. Cut followed the eavesdropper upstairs from the cellar. The eavesdropper goes to a bookshelf and takes out a book that falls to the floor, as Cut goes to look at it, it turns out to be a storybook. The eavesdropper turns out to be young Stacy. She found the storybook once when she was helping to clean the library. Cut talks to Stacy and strikes a deal with her.

In the meantime Veronica and Bogumil talk about the new donation to the monastery as well as how exactly one would go about taking the container out of the library. Bogumil tells her that anything that is taken out of the library has to be talked over with Gotmund. This leads to a discussion about what to do with the contents of the container. They decide to look into it in the dormitory and then decide what to do. Veronica bleeds on the lock but it does not open, her blood is only 50% Justinian. Richard bleeds on it and then it opens.

When the container opens, it is revealed that it is rather full:

The contents of the container:

  • Roll of shiny paper
  • Solid small object (holograph)
  • Transparent minigrip bag with a flower in it
  • Turquise shell and a blue coral in minigrip bag
  • A hunting trophy and a piece of earth with a small plant on it
  • Small flying lizard
  • A piece of mineral
  • A mint condition action figure “the Caraguat”
  • A black pouch full of money
  • Two old books

The shiny paper is a map that has been printed 4465. The scale of the map is written on the map with a marker pen. It turns out to be a map of Paradise, the lost homeworld of the house Justinian. Veronica is moved and Richard is surprised, Cut wants tow know what they are talking about. Meori tells him the story of Paradise. Then they continue to look over the contensts of the container. The small object is a tourist holograph that Cut turns on. It has a picture of the Paradise beanstalk on it. It has a text that says “step into Paradise through the gate of Heaven”.

Meanwhile Meori starts to look the two books over, starting first with the older looking one. It is “feminine” looking. It turns out to be the diary of dame Hypatia Justinian. The text is written in a delicate and beautiful handwriting. The diary spans the years 4550-65. The other newer book is also a diary. It is the diary of lord Ramius Justinian. Richard knows that he was one of the Tehtys Justinians and he was an administrator during the regency era. He administrated manufacturing on Tethys but he was also a famous traveller. The diary is from the years 4817-20. It has more entries than the other diary. The recurring theme in the diary is the search for Paradise. The jumpgate connection to paradise was severed in 4550. When they take a closer look at the map, it turns out that it is printed and definitely authentic. It could even be from Paradise. Cut and Meori agree that they should return the box to the abbot sans the contents. Cut decides to go and see first the abbot and then brother Gotmund.

Cut begins to negotiate with Gotmund, he claims that they could not open the box, but it turns out that Gotmund understands technology. Then Cut begins to negotiate. Gotmund checks the monastery records and since the container is not in them it can be returned to the rightful owner and so Cut brings it back to the others.

When Cut returns to the dormitory Lynette and Duckworth are telling everyone about what they found out from the servants of the monastery. The cook has begun to lock the food cellar because some food has gone missing and she suspects that one of the novices has been stealing food. After some debate they decide to leave the container in the monastery for now. Then they begin to look at the other things that were in the container. The plant is a moon lily and the coral and shell are from Asper. The small flying lizard is a diamond wing and the mineral is an electricite. Then the conversations shifts to how they intend to catch the murderer

At dinner Meori concentrates her attention on Derry but also notices that Stacy looks rather guilty. Meori and Veronica discuss Stacy’s situation and Meori expresses an interest in maybe becoming Stacy’s new mentor. After dinner Veronica and Meori go to attend Uric’s wake and the others go to the library to look for the intruder after nightfall.

Later on in the library Richard, Cut and Aran are looking for clues and Richard finds something suspicious. There is another hidden door on the opposite wall from the one that they found in the morning. There is also a strange sticky substance on the hinges of the door. There are more tunnel and stairs that go down behind the door. The stairs probably lead to the old cryot level. They do not manage to find any more doors in the library, which is good, because now there are only two doors they need to look after. They hide and stay in wait for the murderer.

Meanwhile at the wake. Almost everyone is there and Meori decides to use a rite called second sight to see if there are any supernatural shenanigans going on. She attempts to do it discreetly but fails and everyone can hear her whispering. She sees that faith in the pancreator is present and there is nothing out of the ordinary going on. Sister Gabrielle noticed what Meori is doing. Vronica on the other hand believes that this means that the Pancreator has blessed their mission. Then Meori observes the body and notices that there are two palm prints on Ulric’s back, they are adult sized and that means that it could not be Stacy or Vladislav. This also confirms that it was a murder.

Later at night in the library the secret door opens and something strange slides out of the secret door. It is tall and dressed in black tattered robes. There are no sounds of footsteps and there are no footprints on the floor. Richard is shocked as he sees to perfectly round green eyes. Cut also notices the figure as it moves in Richard’s direction and toward a certain bookshelf. Aran confronts the ghost and it turns to face him dropping the books it was holding. Arab sees the green eyes and lights his torch, then shines it in the eyes of the ghost, who recoils. At the same time Cut charges at it attempting to tackle it down but misses. Then a scuffle begins at the end of which Aran and Cut manage to wrestle it to the ground. Richard then pulls out his sword and threatens it. The ghost, which turns out to be very alive gestures in a strange way and Aran cuts it’s hand off. It screams and they pull off it’s hood to reveal Mia!

At this point Veronica and Meori come to the library and Meori is shocked to see that Mia is lying bleeding and cursing on the floor. Then she and Aran begin to dress her wounds and give her first aid. Meanwhile Cut goes through Mia’s things and then they look at the books she was carrying and they are diabolical and evil!! At this point all the commotion has drawn the attention of the inhabitants of the monastery to the library and this is where the game ended.

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