Prologue: The Aftermath of the Monastery

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Thw game continued straight from where it ended last time. Everyone is in the library gathered around the fallen and injured Mia. Meori attempts to heal the unconscious Mia and succeeds but she does not wake up right away. Then she and Bogumil discuss whether he would be willing to teach her self-defence. In the meantime Kimbal and Gabrielle go to the sisters and brothers dormitory and Cut goes to Mia’s smithy. Gabrielle decides to go with Cut and leaves Kimbal to go through Mia’s thing in the dormitory alone.

The smithy is full of Mia’s technological tools and unfinished projects. Gabrielle does not come into the smithy because she is suspicious of evil technology that is everywhere there. Cut rummages around and find a suspicious paper that he shows to Gabrielle who reacts badly to seeing it. It is an infernal contract that Mia made with a demon or devil. Cut asks Gabrielle where all the tech is from that unsister Mia was working on. According to Gabrielle it is from the monastery. Cut looks around the smithy but does not find anything truly harmful and so they only stash the infernal contract into a black iron kettle and leave the smithy. Gabrielle also mentions that Mia used the alchemist’s laboratory regularly.

In the library Mia wakes and it appears that she does not remember anything and thinks she is more than a decade younger and still on Pentateuk. Meori is not sure that she is sincere and Richard is certain that she is bullshitting. The other people in the cellar are becoming wary of Mia. She on the other hand appears not to remember Meori, Bogumil or even the library. She does not seem to even know that she is a member of the cloth. Meori uses her second sight to determine whether Mia is still under demonic influence or is she sincere. As Meori looks at Mia’s aura she sees that it is still very tainted.

At this point Cut, Gabrielle and Kimbal return to the library and Cut tells Meori and the others about the contract. Meori tries to read it, but can’t really make it out at all. Richard reads it aloud and it turns out to be a contract to a devil or demon just as Cut described. Meori’s aura-seeing ritual is still in effect as she looks at Richard, but because he doesn’t have any urge Meori sees nothing out of the ordinary.

Then there is discussion on what to do with the antinomist. What would be a fitting punishment and who should pass judgement. Gabrielle ponders whether Gotmund is too old to be the librarian, because all of this happened on his watch. Meori, Richard, Aran and veronica are quick to defend Gotmund. As this is going on, Cut takes the broken goggles and sneaks into the tunnels to do some exploring. The abbot thinks that this whole incident should be kept within the sect to protect it from its enemies.

Everyone is serious and grim. Veronica talks with the abbot about who should perform the punishment and what it should be. She also offers to take it upon herself to punish Mia. Meori comes to the conclusion that killing Mia, which is the usual punishment for this kind of offense would only result in the Pancreator losing a soul and the other side strengthening. This leads to an alternative punishment, where the goal is for the escatonics to attempt to save Mia’s soul from the devil. Arrangements are made for Veronica and Kimbal to travel to Anshock City to ask for the aid of the abbot’s old friend, who is a capable and wise wizard, who will then perform a ritual of penitence on Mia.

Meori and the others will remain in the monastery to perform different tasks. Meori and Aran will guard Mia. Meori will also begin to learn self defence and get to know Stacy. Richard will attempt to find out more about the container and Cut will explore the tunnels. The next game will begin two weeks from now, close to Lux Splendor.

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