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The game continued straight from where it ended last time. Everyone leaves the balcony and Veronica and Meori discuss sir James and whether he will attempt something. Meori goes to find sir James to ask him to meet Veronica. She goes to the visitors quarters and manages to overhear a discussion between Caolandra and sir James. She is interrupted by dame Perla, who notices her eavesdropping. Then Meori talks to Carolandra and James. Carolandra invites Veronica to join them and Meori leaves to inform her.

Cut goes back to the banquet and he “socializes”. He sends a text message to the home base and is soon sought out by the charioteer chick. Cut’s text is an inquiry about Carolandra.Cut and the Charioteer chick, whose name is Cayenne Kartash talk business, why she came to the celebration and what kind of ship she has. Cayenne offers Cut a ride if he ever needs one.

Aran is alone on the balcony and soon returns to his room and goes to sleep.

Veronica and Meori wait for James and Carolandra and discuss Richard, Voltaire and also marriage. When James and Carolandra arrive Veronica grovels and Carolandra forgives her. Veronica makes sure that also james is alright with the outcome of the situation and then she invites Carolandra and James to join her and Richard for brunch the next morning. She tells Carolandra about the phoenix knight and she recommends Veronica to write to dame Octavia if she wants to know more about him.

Cayenne shows Cut her cockpit and they do it. After that he checks his texts and notices he ahs received information of Carolandra. Then she sends an audience request for the head engineer.

Veronica sends an invitation to Aran as well and informs Dickie, who has begun to recover from his uber flu. Then she visits her mother and tells her about voltaire’s almost scandal and offers to travel to Byzantium Secundus to look after him for a while.Then she asks her mother about the Adamses and she becomes just a little defensive. She tells her daughter that they are diplomatically accomplished and that Richard would like them. She is very keen to know whether veronica wants to become a Hawkwood.

The next day they meet at Richard’s parlour for brunch. They show Carolandra, James and Eustace the container and tell them everything they know about it. Sir James’ family originates from Paradise. He follows Carolandra’s lead in almost everything. They discuss the contents of the container and ponder what to do. They discuss lord Ramius and how he died and where.

They fiscuss Paradise and it becomes obvious to Aran and Meori that Carolandra has been obsessed with paradise for a long time and now finally has success! Carolandra decides that they need to authenticate the container and then find the closed gate to Paradise and the key to operate it. Veronica wants to know whether Cut and Aran are trustworthy on this mission. Everyone swears an oath of fealty to Carolandra and Cut and Aran promise to be silent. Carolandra and Eustace give everyone an expense account to use for the quest and there the game wnds.

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