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The game starts with preparations being made for the departure from Delphi. The books found in the container are copied and the originals as well as the plants, minerals etc are left with Eustace. Eustace also promises to authenticate the objects found in the container. The preparations last around a week and the departure is scheduled after the New Year.

During this time Cut inspects Cayenne’s ship and notices that there are some problems. The previous engineer wasn’t very meticulous and Cayenne suspects that he might have been jealous.

The departure and voyage to Delphi’s gate goes without a hitch. Veronica pays captain Kartash 10 FB extra for every passenger, because the captain was good enough to wait for them. Captain Kartash has a gunner / navigator, who is a big, black man and his name is politically correctly… Batumba. During the voyage it becomes obvious to everyone that Cut spends his nights in the captain’s cabin! To Veronica and Richard’s surprise Meori seems to take her lover’s sleeping around really well and is curious and friendly towards the captain. This makes Veronica scandalized.

Veronica and Richard spend their time reading various books they brought with them and teaching each other useful skills like fencing and focus. They also discuss squires, marriage and how to bag a phoenix knight. Aran spends his voyage learning Think Machine. Cut spends the voyage maintaining the ship and learning how to fly a space ship. Cut also meets Yelena and they get to a rocky start. Yelena does not understand Cut’s bitchiness at all.

The jump from Delphi to Tethys succeeds without a hitch and the rest of the journey goes well. Both tethysian relatives answer Veronica’s letters and both invite her to stay. Veronica receives an auto reply fro m the phoenix knight. Yelena comes to see Richard and she is interested in his limp. She also has a solution to how he could get rid of it. What follows is a strange conversation featuring amputation, medicine and all the stuff that creeps Richard out.

Richard goes to see Veronica and asks her to make sure that only Meori heals his injuries and not to let Yelena anywhere near him. Veronica agrees. Yelena goes to see Aran and tells him about Richard’s problem. Aran attempts to explain to her the do’s and don’ts of bedside manner but this only confuses her more.

The trip to Tethys goes without incident and the ship arrives on the Avalon continent in the city of Tulasca, where baroness Phaedra lives. They arrive at the space port and take their leave from the captain. Veronica and the captain discuss future journeys and exchange contact information. The captain wants to know where Cut will be spending his nights. The arrivals hall is completely empty and there are emergency vehicles outside. Cut contacts the tower and asks what is going on.

When they notice that there is something fishy going on Duckworth, Lynette and Stacy are ushered back onto the ship by Batumba. The others stay in the arrivals hangar to find out what exactly is going on. It takes suspiciously long for them to get any kind of information from the tower and when they finally do, it’s as fishy as everything else. They make a run for the connecting corridor from the hangar to the spaceship but the doors separating the hangar from the corridor close and they are trapped in the hangar.

They manage to find out that the spaceport has received a bomb threat and that in addition to this there is a hostage situation going on. The Tethys Liberation front (or something) has attacked the port and taken baroness Phaedra Justinian as a hostage. If their demands, which are many and varied are not met they will explode a bomb they have.

Aran goe to look in the next hall and notices that the terrorists are there. Veronica contacts the tower and receives instructions to leave the hangar through the emergency exit, which leads straight to the terrorists. It appears that the tower is in the hands of the terrorists.

Cut goes spelunking in order to find out more information and scout the area. He crawls through the luggage shoot and goes down into the cellar level. Vrronica contacts the baroness’s residence and through there she is put through to the officers who are responsible for the handling of the operation. There are soldiers in the way but they are at lest ten minutes away.

This is where the game ended. In the middle of a hostage situation.

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