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The game continued straight from where we left off last time, in the middle of a skirmish at the spaceport! Cut is in the luggage room / cellar level of the building, Aran fights two terrorists, kills one and cripples another, Veronica tries to coordinate the situation via whisper pin and Richard arms himself with a gun.

Cut searches the cellar level for explosives but cannot find any. Then he has a cunning plan and goes to find the electricity centre for the building. His aim is to buy everyone some time. He then sneaks into the hangar where the terrorists are and starts to spy on them. He spots an emergency vehicle approaching the hangar and it turns out that they are the reinforcements sent by the military. Cut gives a situation report and observes the terrorist holding a suitcase. He is the one holding the bomb. Cut tries to determine what kind of explosive it is but it isn’t possible. He notices that baroness Phaedra and two of the terrorists are missing. He gives the layout to the others and they begin planning the battle. Cut sneaks on to try and find the missing terrorists and baroness Phaedra.

Cut lockpicks his way into the security centre of the hangar and notices that the cameras of the tower are brokn. Cut suggests that one of the locals joins him in the security centre and veronica starts to coordinate with the sergeant how to arrange this and snipers for the tower. Meori casts the Armour of the Pancreator on Richard. During this time the terrorist have moved into the stairwell with their hostages and are heading for the tower. Veronica runs through the cellars, the same way Cut did in an attempt to cut them off, but misses them and meets up with Aran in the stairwell who has followed the terrorists there.

Meanwhile Richard loots the bodies and collects key cards and guns from the fallen. They devise a plan of action and Aran goes into an elevator. Veronica starts to buy time for the others and contacts the terrorists pretending to negotiate for her noble cousin. They agree to swap hostages, all the women and children for the surviving terrorist. She is medicated by Yelena and she and Veronica go yo an elevator where the exchange takes place. Veronica and Hanaya discuss why the terrorists are doing what they are doing and Veronica is moved by their humanity.

Meanwhile Aran and Cut assemble into the other elevator that the terrorist isn’t using and when the exchange is done, the security centre stops the elevator the terrorists are in and the one Aran and Cut are in goes into the tower. When there they quickly kill the terrorists with a little help from the snipers and all is well. Except the bomb is gong to detonate, so Aran throws it out of the window, where it explodes harmlessly outside.

The hostage situation is over and the two living terrorists are taken into custody and promptly give to the Imperial Eye. Baroness Phaedra and her entourage enter the hangar and the baroness breaks into tears from the horrors of the situation. Veronica comforts her and Phaedra exclaims that she is indebted to the brave men that saved her from the terrorists. She then extends an invitation to the group to stay with her for as long as they wish.

They travel to her fief, a gated community within the city and are assigned to a guest bungalow. In the evening they have a dinner party in the honour of Phaedra’s saviours and the officers who were involved in the hostage situation are invited as well. Dinner party discussions include local unrestlessness, missing weapons and a tourney for sir Richard, which is to be held in a month’s time. This is where the game ended.

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