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Meori goes to the training ground to see what kind of man Harlan Harrow actually is. She uses one of her theurgic rituals to try and accomplish this. Harlan Harrow turns out to be a normal man, if very, very angry. She sees the emotions of many knights and realizes that don Raoul intends to challenge sir Harlan at the melee or even attempt to kill him. Meori decides to try and intercede. She talks to brother Antonio and he tells her that don Raoul and he both believe that the dinner went very well and the deed is as good as done. Neither got any of Veronica’s hints, the Hazat don’t do hints. Meori explains things to brother Antonio, who then becomes serious and they make preparations together.

At the hospital Veronica wakes up and Yelena tries to persuade her into getting more arms, after all there can never be enough arms! After Veronica turns her down, several times, she and Aran discuss sir Harlan and then the grand melee, which she intends to join. Aran doesn’t think it is such a good idea.

Meanwhile Cut wakes up in the Guild neighbourhood and decides to try and get some information on sir Harlan. He goes into a bar, which looks just as respectable as he needs and finds two trustworthy and honourable guildsmen to hire for the job. He wants the information in two hours time. While he waits, he sends a sit rep to Delphi. He also manages to hear gossip and rumours about sir Harlan.

He is employed by a local baronet who is a captain in the army. Harlan is his sergeant and a heavy. This Curtis Callon is a rich man, who is expecting a large inheritance. Cut also hears that he killed some man who said something to him, like “good day”. Harlan Harrow has been on world for about three to six months, Curtis Callon is a local noble, but not from the Tulasca area.

Meori manages to dissuade veronica from joining the grand melee, because it would not be good for her soul. Meori tells her about the two idiots and don Raoul and the leave the hospital only to meet the two idiots waiting in the hallway. They apologize profusely to Veronica, who accepts their apologies. Meori tells her about poor Harn and Veronica promises to help her figure out a way to help Harn.

Aran goes to his rooms and hears that he has a guest. Harlan Harrow has come to visit his relative. He wants to know why Aran stopped him from lopping Veronica’s head of. They discuss the joust and Veronica. They also discuss the grand melee and Aran’s wife of whom Harlan does not approve. Harlan is subtle and all, which is totally unexpected.

Cut meets up with his team of reliable and honest types, who haven’t managed to gather much information about sir Harlan on Delphi, they know that he almost killed some boy at the joust and that he ran away from home. Cut haggles with them about the price but in the end they strike a deal. Cut returns to the Justinian compound and goes to see Meori. They discuss Harlan and the poor squire. Then Cut goes to see Aran about what he wants to do about Harlan Harrow. Aran doesn’t want to have Harlan killed, not yet anyway. They talk about what it would take for him to fight Harlan. Harlan told Aran that things have changed in his fief.

Meori and Stacy speculate about everything that has happened during the recent days. Stacy is worried about Harn.

Cut wanders around the compound and volunteers to do odd-jobs. He ends up in the stables and talks to the squires and Dickie. Philippa tells Cut about Curtis Callon. He is Phardra’s armsman and he has a fief on the river of Erm. Karl tells Cut that sir Callon has hired off worlders because he does not trust the locals. He will inherit the barony of Erm.

Veronica goes to see don Raoul. She intends to dump him. However it all goes horribly wrong. She attempts to gently dissuade him but ends up agreeing to a duel for the right to court her. After this insults are traded and Raoul kisses her twice, after which both storm out of the room.

Meori and Stacy discuss Harn and his dismal situation. Stacy becomes hysterically sas and inconsolable and begins to cry. Meori comforts her. Stacy tells Meori how Harn lost his tongue and declares that sir Harlan is a horrible beast! Veronica storms in and unloads on Meori abour don Raoul. They also discuss Hanshiro and how the letters he has sent to Veronica never reached her.

Cut sends a bucket of popcorn to sir Aran, who agrees to join the grand melee after don Raoul has bowed out. This is where the game ended.

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