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Back at Baroness Phaedra's mansion. Dame Tyana and Don Raoul seem to have found each other. Adventurers go to sleep, but Cut and Lady Veronica return to the banquet. Harn gets to share a room with Karl.

Richard dances with Dame Hietala, who seems to be quiet, reserved and a bit shy. Richard also dances better than her. After a while and a wine, she relaxes and shows her more smiling side. Apparently Dame Marianne wishes for a reliable, respecting and trusting husband - something that her first husband wasn't. And it also doesn't seem to bother her that Richard isn't 20 years older than her. After the dances Sir Richard escorts Dame Marianne to her quarters.

Cut bothers people. First he spooks Sir Anshiro and gossips about Sir Harlan Harrow (aka. 'Ugly Harrow'). Then he moves on to children, giving Harn ideas about other educational options, and telling him to teach illiterate Karl how to read.

In the morning Lady Veronica and Sir Aran meet - Veronica wants to discuss squires' education schedules and methods, Aran to inform Veronica that her earlier questions of why Sir Harlan dislikes him were invasive and slightly inappropriate, especially in the presence of a stranger and an alien. Sir Aran considers the issue to be of little importance and a private matter, Lady Veronica thinks it is definitely her business as well, if Sir Harlan has a grudge against Sir Aran for some reason. A discussion of trust issues and words of honor follows, but leads nowhere. Sir Aran retreats to his room, Lady Veronica goes to snub the Decados.

"She has never been mistaken for a boy." "You probably have much experience of this happening to you."

Lady Veronica asks Sir Keddah to spar with her and recommends Sir Aran as a sparring partner for Lady Ludmila Decados, who flirts with Lady Veronica. After mingling with the Al-Maliks (and not quite getting everything because of Graceful Tongue), Veronica has words with Sir Anshiro. Sir Daddy is mentioned. Anshiro asks for a permission to join Veronica on her trip to Nuevo Madrid. Sir Keddah also gets to witness Veronica calling Sir Daddy 'Sir Daddy', and also squirms in on the trip to Nuevo Madrid. What everything has been made of Grailian wood, indeed.

Cut and Sister Meori discuss possible futures for Harn.

Richard arrives late for breakfast. Lady Tyana and Don Raoul are also late - very late. Lady Tyana sends Richard a message, apologising for cancelling a semi-scheduled lunch and postponing a retake for indefinite future. No hard feelings. Richard asks Sister Meori to act as a chaperone for afternoon's hunting trip with Lady Aveline Hawkwood. Anshiro and Veronica will join the trip, too.

Der Phönixknecht, also known as "Eediot number 1" and Sir Brendon Adams, asks Lady Veronica for a lunch. Sir Keddah and Veronica have their scheduled sparring session. Keddah wins by a dagger's length.

Cut decides to teach Harn useful things and takes him to the city to make some money by making him dance in a street corner for coins. They make a whopping half a firebird. Harn doesn't quite see the educational value of being humiliated and is upset to tears.

During the hunting trip Lady Veronica and Sir Anshiro talk of past things. Anshiro seems a little obsessed. Richard and Lady Aveline ride together and Aveline loans Richard a shotgun. Dame Aveline wants to know more of Richard, his fief, pedigree and wether Richard considers marrying a real Hawkwood noble to be a raise of his social status. Then, a shazzle is first shot (Veronica) and then evaporated (Aveline). Sir Anshiro takes Veronica's challenge and composes a haiku of the event, and is rewarded with a lollipop.

While the others admire or gawk at the shazzle's remains, Sister Meori, who has a reputation for being THE CONFESSOR who sent Harlan Harrow on a PILGRIMAGE, approaches Sir Anshiro. "Let us talk," she says and he cannot flee. Meori inquires of Anshiro's life, or if he even has one, and what he'll do if he won't win Veronica. His plan B seems to continue his adventures while trying to get back his status with his family.

Meanwhile, Lady Aveline tells about guns and what to shoot with what kind of a firearm. Richard begins to make his mind on whom to court. Lady Veronica sees parts of shazzle she thinks she shouldn't see, and feels ill. She, Anshiro and Aran start back to Lady Phaedra's mansion while Meori, Aveline and Richard continue to track small animals and kill them with huge guns. Anshiro and Veronica talk more, about Anshiro and Veronica not being teenaged penpals anymore, how Anshiro seems slightly creepy and obsessed. Anshiro goads Veronica into a horserace, which leaves Sir Aran behind. Anshiro wins the race but waits for Veronica, and talk about family relations continue until Sir Aran "All horses try to kill you" Harrow eventually catches them.

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