Tethys: Pollution, it smells like money

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The game continued from where we left off; the evening of the hunting trip. The Phienix Knight comes to pick up Veronica and take her on an evening walk, but as he bends to kiss her hand he , eh, sprains his back and they end up having dinner in her parlour. After an evening of conversation and getting to know each other, the Phoenix Knight asks for permission to write to Veronica and is given it. They agree to be o0n first name basis and Phoenix Knight even gets a kiss out of it.

Meanwhile Richard has had a gory evening hunting with dame Aveline and is determined to end the association there. Aveline is happy and satisfied having killed small furry animals all day long. Richard’s squire, poor young Lycanna on the other hand seems traumatized by the events of the day. Aveline is in fact so happy that she wants to go on a new hunting trip soon. Richard sadly has to decline as he is travelling soon to Nuevo Madrid. This does not stop dame Aveline, who promptly invites herself along for the trip, as she is travelling to Nuevo Madrid as well. Richard finds himself outwitted by madam gun nut.

Richard comes to see Veronica and they discuss potential husbands and wives and their potentialities. They also discuss their squires and make arrangements for Lycanna to join Veronica’s morning exercise routine with her squires. They discuss the problems with Philippa and Veronica tells Richard that she and the Phoenix Knight are on first name basis.

Earlier5 in the evening Aran and Yelena go to see Harn and Karl. Yelena examines Karl, while Aran questions him about his background. Harn does not know if he is Harlan’s bastard. Harn tells Aran that Harlan cut his tongue, although he was both drunk and angry at the time. Aran threatens to put Harlan down like a mangy dog. He also tells Harn that his door is always open to Harn. Yelena gives her diagnosis of Harn’s deformities and gives helpful and not so helpful suggestions on how his physical condition could be improved. She also performs a physical examination on all three squires.

The next morning it is time to leave baroness Phaedra’s domain and move on to sir Daddy’s fief. Veronica and dame Tyana agree to keep in contact through letters and they also agree to be on first name basis. When Richard and Veronica try to take their leave of Phaedra they find out that she has already left on urgent business to the other continent. This sudden departure might have something to do with the fact that her husband has returned home.

When the group and their massive entourage of hangers on arrive at the space port lord Kopow is surprised at the amount of travellers. The trip to Nuevo Madrid takes about an hour and once there the group discovers that it is a total shithole but lord Kopow loves it and shares anecdotes about his profitable city.

At lord Kopow’s estate they are introduced to lord Kopow’s wife lady Karolina and his younger son sir Karon, whose assistance in historical research lady Karolina recommends to Richard. They are shown into the massive library and Meori and Richard begin to explore until sir Karon returns and he and Meori strike up a conv3ersation.They talk about lord Ramius and Karon reve4als that he has suspicions about Ramius’ travelling. He also tells them that there are several busts and paintings of Ramius all throughout the estate. Veronica and sir Kaqwron talk about progress and Carolandra, but the conversation is soon interrupted by sir Daddy, who appears to have a sneaky streak to him. Sir Karon goes to see his father with his brother and after they have left the group agrees that they must keep a closer eye on sir Daddy in the future.

Later in the evening at dinner Veronica and lady Karolina talk about Byzantium Secundus., Aran and sir Karon talk about the Harrows but are interrupted by lord Kopow, who is being obnoxious toward his younger son as is sir Daddy. Veronica finds out that lady Karolina is from a common background, she belonged to a smaller guild. Veronica asks to get a tour of the estates and after dinner lord Kopow and his family take her on a tour as Meori, Richard, Aran and sir Karon go to see the portrait of lord Ramius.

As Meori and the others go to see the portrait of Ramius, which he painted himself they discuss Ramius and his various different portraits. When they seer the self poir4trait they can see several differences to the one they purchased from lord Kopow in Tulasca. There are two nebulas in the background, Ramius is holding a star chart and a bouquet of moon lilies. It was painted in 4820 and is signed by Ramius. Karon tells them that Ramius sent the portrait back from Malignatius shortly before he died. Ramius’ squire brought it back to Tethys but the identity of the squire has been forgotten.

Richard and Meori decide that they should try to look for the squire’s identity from the family chronicles in the library and this is what they do. Meori informs Cu6t about the new developments in the Ramius mystery. Sir Karon begins to show true interest in the Ramius mystery and solving it. Karon manages to find the squire’s name from the chronicles. He was called Dasha and was a member of a minor householder family. A year after his return to Tethys Dasha left family service. He had not yet been anointed as a knight. He entered the service of a delphian lord. Thus the box has been backtracked to the monastery.

During the night Meori seeks guidance via Divine Revelation. She dreams that she is back on Holy Terra in school as a girl. Her teacher is talking about geography and is discussing continents.

The next morning after breakfast they go weapons shopping and are joined by sir Daddy, lady Karolina, dame Aveline and sir Kasimir. During the morning sire Daddy talks about his daddy A LOT, dame Aveline wants to buy all the guns available, the bigger the better and Meori wants to know how dame Aveline would like to be a bunny. After some difficult conversation Meori has not managed to dent dame Aveline’s resolve to kill small furry animals with big guns.

In the afternoon Aran goes to the guild neighbourhood to discuss getting upgrades into his power armour. Veronica talks the daddies into an outing so that the others can continue their investigations without the presence of prying eyes. When Veronica and the others are gone Meori, Richards and Karon go to the family crypt to see the final resting place of lord Ramius. There is a stone relief or Ramius and an engraving on his crypt that says:

To unhinge the gates of paradise,

Follow the Prophet.

Fill your sails with loyalty

And sail to Deneb.

Pray hard and face the storms and tempests.

The faithful will reach their goal

Even at low ebb.

Karon tells them that lord Ramius sent his own obituary to be chiselled on his tombstone. Richard decides to return to the crypt later to use his speshul, shiny powerz and see if he can find out something more.

Richard returns some hours later to the crypt on his own. A young monk gives him the ey to the crypt and he descends into the darkness. When he enters the crypt it seems smaller and more claustrophobic than it was before.. The lights begin to flicker as he descends deeper. Richard does his best top ignore the creepiness. Richard tries to concentrate on the issue at hand and uses his psi to try and find out something more, but he cannot see anything significant.

When Richard stops his mumbo jumbo he has the eeriest feeling that he isn’t alone in the crypt. He even sees the shadow of someone else, but it turns out that he is indeed alone. He decides to leave the crypt post haste and in the general direction of away. He climbs back to the chapel and encounters an old monk, who believes him to be an intruder. Richard explains to him who he is and why he came to the crypt. It turns out that there is no other monk in the chapel exceot the old one. After a short deliberation on the identity of the young monk the old monk shows Richard a mural on the wall where Ramius is depicted with his squire and his confessor. Richard recognizes the confessor as the monk that gave him the key to the crypt. When Richard realizes that the monk he met has been dead for a long time he asks to pray with the old monk. Richard is visibly shaken.

When he leaves the chapel in order to tell most of what happened to sister Meori, he notices that it is already 2 am. Richard decides to go and see Meori as soon as she is awake and he does. He tells Meori everything and Meori is surprised but also intrigued. She also suggests that they should find out more. They speculate on where the confessor is buried and whether Yelena could help them uncover the mystery. Meori believes that the ghost is benevolent. They also discuss whether they should tell sir Karon what they are really up to.

This is where the game ended.

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