Tethys: Preparations for the Carnival

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A weeklong party, the Cosmos Carnival is approaching. Cut has been working with the local guildsmen on the floating rafts used at the carnival.

Veronica trains the squires: gym training, etiquette and swordplay. Meori teaches Stacy.

The group meets in a greenhouse in the afternoon and sums up what they know.

Richard tells of his experience with the sarcophagus and the young priest, who is suspected to be Ramius' confessor. Discussion about wether the incident was genuine apparition or an elaborate hoax.

Sir Karon is said to be interested in Ramius' life and heritage, and the groupd ponders if he is a potential ally or a threat. Also, Sir Kyrion seems to be very good at eavesdropping and spying for his father.

Veronica takes one for the team and will keep Sir Kyrion busy and out of others' hairs by spending time with him. Cut suggests that Veronica could make an accident happen to Sir Daddy's knee while sparring. Veronica disagrees.

Richard does an archive crawl with Sir Karon, looking for a name for Lord Ramius' confessor. He finds Karon from the library and they talk about the confessor. According to Karon nobody knows what became of the confessor. Richard asks Sir Karon's aid with the research. They find a name, canon Maurice the Red, for his hair. The one Richard saw did have a red hair.

Cut requests and is granted an audience with Lady Katalina Kopov, who has a guild background. Lady Mama is polite and political.

Veronica and Sir Daddy spar. Sir Kyrion fights with a rapier and is not a totally bad swordsman, but Veronica is better. "Father said you would be a good swordswoman." After totaling Sir Kyrion, Veronica moves on to Sir Aran.

Cut, Meori and Jelena go to investigate the crypt. Cut is not paranoid, but just cautious and places mark-traps in doors to make sure that if they are followed, there'll be some physical evidence of someone's presence. Jelena's X-ray gaze reveals that the corpse in Lord Ramius' sarcophagus cannot be Lord Ramius, but someone shorter and younger - most likely the confessor. An unlocked door has mysteriously locked itself again, but nothing else happens.

Cut wonders the possibilities of accidents happening to Sir Kyrios, but Meori doesn't appreciate and goes away. Cut decides to visit the city and the guildhouse. He secures an invitation to guilds party raft, eats local cuisine and avoids a fight.

Comparing notes in the evening. Veronica can still tolerate Sir Daddy. Veronica decides to release Sir Harrow for the Carneval - give him some 'me-time' and suggests he could just relax. Cut suggests bars. Veronica thinks she is doing Aran a favor. Cut and Meori tell of the corpse and the confessor.

Meori dreams - she sees the starry background of a painting.

Cut bothers Richard and asks when Veronica will be taught about intrigue and politics. Why does Richard, who is of a lesser status, know more of the cloak-and-dagger -business than Veronica? Turns out that because of his injury, Richard has learned a bit about life's not-so-pretty sides.

Richard and Veronica train. Veronica asks Richard to teach their squires to shoot, and Richard agrees.

Veronica wants to visit someplace, and Meori suggests they could go see the Amalthean temple. They decide to go, but not take Harn with them in case Sir Harlan Harrow is there. Veronica asks Lady Mama if she knows any egligible young women for Sir Richard, and mentions how Lady Aveline would be a good match for Sir Kyrion - rich and of good pedigree. Sir Richard approves.

Cut goes to bother the Charioteers' guildhouse and does a keyword search in their databases for 'Deneb': two ships, one person and one star. The ships are cargo class, the person was a teacher in Leagueheim and the star is in the Cygnus system.

Everybody on the excursion to Amalthean temple gets a gas mask - for a good reason. A slight adic rain surprises them on the way to the temple, but coulds remain on the other side of the river and won't fall on the temple itself, which bathes in a warm sunlight. There are beggars, who wait to be cured at the temple. Veronica and Richard give them alms, Sir Aran tells them to get a job. Veronica tells the squires to listen to Meori, who lectures on Saint Amalthea. While Veronica looks for a local Amalthean priest, the others admire the sights. Until Aran spots Sir Harlan Harrow.

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