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The game continued straight from where we left off last time. Everyone barges in on Richard’s etiquette lesson. Richard and Cut talk about how to catch the intruder and the feud of the servants. They decide to put Duckworth on the job. After all the necessary plotting is finished Cut and Meori leave and Richard goes back to teaching the squires. Cut plans on sending Meori to find out what is going on in Kopow’s house.

Veronica gets Aran up to speed on all the recent events and Aran goes to look for the others. Aran seeks out Cut. Veronica stays in the library with th squires, so that they don’t have to be alone. As it is still unclear whether there is danger about and they are not sure if anyone should be alone. Aran finds Cut and they discuss how to proceed, whether they should find the steward of the house and interrogate him. Cut suggests that Meori could do some snooping around and get to know the servants. She could assist the family confessor and take the confessions of the servants. It turns out that the steward is the mystery man with the three earrings.

Aran goes to see Richard, who has finished with his lessons for the day. Aran tells Richard everything. They go to see Veronica and they all discuss how they should proceed. After Aran leaves Richard still stays for a while and they discuss marriage, suitors and sir Daddy. Meanwhile Cut goes to the local Engineers guild house and talks about how to handle a situation where somebody impersonates a guild member. Cut finds out what the law says on the subject. Cut wants to know how the guild would handle this. It turns out that Samuel the steward is a member of the steward’s guild. Cut also makes an effort to get to know the servants and find out a bit about the feud between the lord and lady’s servants. He also finds out that the sons encourage the feud. Cut ponders how to use the information.

Meanwhile Meori goes to see the family priest in the rectory. They discuss the feud and what they could do to solve the situation for the best. The priest is relieved that Meori knows about the feud ad is helping him. Richard comes to see Meori and confesses his sins, which consist of putting his nose into Veronica’s business and other small sins. Meori absolves him. Richard tells Meori that he sould write to dame Hietala and Meori gives him suggestions and advice. They also discuss dame Aveline and the feud of the servants.

Hanshiro comes to see Veronica, they go for a walk into the greenhouse and Veronica invites Hanshiro to join the party for dinner. She also invites him to join her and sir Daddy when they go flying on the metal horses. Veronica mentions that they might not go flying if something unfortunate was to happen to sir daddy. Hanshiro goes to see Richard and asks him if she really meant that he should do something to sir Daddy. Richard says that this is probably not so. Hanshiro is very relieved. At dinner Hanshiro tells the Kopows that he is here to court Veronica. Veronica pays special attention to him at dinner and sir Daddy is offended. Samuel the steward is serving at dinner and offers salt to Meori and nobody else, which makes Mwoei feel uneasy and suspicious.

This is where the game ended.

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