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Lady Veronica has tea with Lady Katarina and asks for advice on marriage and on non-Justinian potential candidates for Richard. Lady Katarina suggests three ladies: a Hazat named Amaya Bursandra de Nuevo Madrid, a Hawkwood named Hadriana from a Lemminkainen family and Birgitta of the Torenson family. They also discuss Katarina's sons, especially Karon. Veronica says there would be a place for him in her fief if he so wishes. Lastly they discuss the rift between the servants.

Meanwhile, Richard goes around the house snapping pictures of ancestors, while Cut, hangover, goes back to the guild and keeps busy.

At breakfast Veronica mentions she has received letters from Eustace and Carolandra with advice on husband hunting and discussing the current candidates. Veronica is let down that none of them takes initiative and decides to put forth a test for them. As for Richard's candidates, it is decided they will be invited for dinner. They also agree to organize a party.

Meori has lunch with Cut and asks advice on setting up small tasks for Veronica's suitors at the party. She also wants Cut to come to her sermon, but he refuses.

Duckworth talks to Richard about rumors in the servants' quarters. Apparently someone has gone missing, an alien engineer.

Veronica gets on with the day, teaching the squires how to handle the double axe, but is still upset that her suitors don't give a sign of life. When the training session ends, however, she finds Sir Keddah there watching. He gives her a present and they spar together. Afterwards, he invites her on a date. Things seem to be looking up, finally.

Meori is nervous about her sermon, she has to succeed in order to help the servants make peace, and also Samuel, the steward, who is an idiot, but well-intended. She asks for a sign of the Pancreator and He shows her the image of the Prophet.

While going to breakfast on the following day, Meori overhears two engineers discussing that the missing servant (who happened to be an Ukari) had been found dead, killed after leaving a tavern with another guest. Meori texts Cut and he replies that he doesn't know anything about it. Cut avoids thinking about the whole issue.

Lady Veronica asks Meori to accompany her on her date with Sir Keddah. He wishes to take her to the Night Forest.

Hanshiro makes an appearance and asks Veronica to accompany him to Meori's sermon. They spar. Hanshiro disarms her. Veronica tries to grapple. They fall next to each other and end up holding each other. She gives up. Hanshiro invites to eat a traditional Midian meal called sushi.

Meori's sermon starts a bit awkwardly and the reception is cold, but as it goes on, she gains confidence and in the end, it is successful. She hopes she managed to sway the people.

Karon introduces Richard to Dame Birgitta. They seem to hit it off quite well.

Hanshiro prepares a delicious sushi meal for Veronica and teaches her how to eat with sticks. He kisses her and, just when things were starting to heat up, Meori barges in and finds them in an awkward position, nearly lying on the sofa. Meori sends Hanshiro away for a little while and decides to tell Veronica about contraception, just in case. Veronica dismisses it, swearing she will be pure until her wedding. Still, Veronica is not sure how she feels about Hanshiro.

Birgitta is present at dinner this time and is introduced to the group. Lady Veronica notices that Birgitta is a skilled saleswoman, who knows which buttons to press to get a desired reaction. However, she seems nice and genuinely interested in Richard. They decide to spend some time together during the Carnival. When dinner ends, she is quite forward and kisses him on the cheek.

Veronica, Meori and Filippa leave for Veronica's date with Sir Keddah. He has rented some kind of flying ship to take them to the Night Forest. Only it was a trap! Sir Keddah is in truth kidnapping Veronica. Gas invades the chamber and Filippa loses consciousness. Meori manages to text Cut for help before fainting as well. Veronica attacks him and a fight ensues. She knocks him out, and ties him up. Meori and Filippa start to come to. After gagging Sir Keddah, Veronica rushes to the cockpit.

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