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The game continued straight from where we left off last time. Namely sir Curtis Callon’s fief and the flitter going to sir Callon’s fief. When Aran and idiot number 2 arrive at sir Callon’s mansion Aran arranges the captive to be put under lock and key. Aran and Hanshiro go to a room assigned to the to freshen up and then they meet Veronica at the room she shares with Philippa and Meori to discuss the situation and how they should proceed from here. In the morning Mori, Philippa and Veronica attend morning prayers and then Philippa confesses her sins to Meori. She tells Meori about her crush on sir Kasimir and her anger at his betrayal also admitting that she wanted to stab him, when he was already restrained. Meori absolves her of her sin and tells her a few life lessons. Veronica left the room to give them privacy and wanders into the library, where she finds Idiot number 2 playing Go with a guardsman. Veronica sits and watches for a while, but doesn’t understand the game at all and finds a book to read. It is an adventure novel chronicling the adventures of the great hero Xorro.

When Hanshiro finishes his game he and Veronica discuss the rescue and Hanshiro’s presence here. Then they return to Veronica’s room to plan what to do next. While this is happening Aran goes through the loot with the sergeant of the operation and they discuss the prisoners. Aran decides to talk to Veronica about it. Aran returns to Veronica’s room and the group discusses their options and they decide to take the prisoners to lord Kopov, because they cannot be sure how they would be treated here in Callon’s fief. Veronica asks Meori and Aran to handle sir Keddah’s interrogation and then they make the arrangements to leave.

They return safe and sound to lord Kopov’s fief in Nuevo Madrid. Just in time to party! Veronica ives the squires a night off and immediately after Philippa behaves like a little snob, receiving a lecture from Veronica. Veronica leaves early to the ball in her costume and gives Meori instructions to give to the Idiot. He has to figure out which of the guests Veronica is and find her. She also asks Meori to remind Aran that he has a night off. The Idiot comes first and Meori sends him on his way and Aran comes next and Meori happily reminds him that he has the night off.

In the ballroom Veronica finds lord Kopov, who is dressed as Uncle Scrooge and grovels on account of all the trouble she has caused. She also goes to thank lady Katarina, who is dressed as a living statue. Veronica sees at least one Ramius and one Regis(!) in the crowd. Sir Daddy is dressed as… you guessed it, DADDY!!!! Meori goes to talk to him and it turns out that he dresses like Daddy every year… Le sigh… Stacy goes to the juice fountain and Meori and Aran go to talk to the Ramius, who is sir Karon. Aran tells them the story of Cyndric Harrow, the ancestor he is dressed as. Idiot 2 has spotted Veronica and follows her across the ballroom, finally guiding her to the balcony, where he asks her to dance. At the same time at the champagne fountain, where Meori, Aran and Karon are, Aran notices that the Regis has a gun! And, it’s shooting Aran. Aran is hit once, and falls down, pulling Meori and Karon with him to safety. The Regis starts to wobble awy, but Aran soon catches it and kicks it down. Veronica and Idiot 2 come to see what’s happening, while Meori gives first aid to wounded passers by and Aran.

The Regis is unmasked and he is a stranger to everyone. Veronica gives orders on what to do and how to proceed and Aran is taken back to his room to receive medical care. Everyone meets in Aran’s room and they discuss the mystery shooter finally going down into the dungeons where he has been locked up. Veronica and Handshiro return to the ball and Meori and Aran stay to interrogate the prisoner. It turns out that he is a serf from the Harrow Spires sent to kill Aran by some woman. He didn’t see a face and couldn’t tell much of anything about her, but he was promised land and freedom if he succeeds. Aran decides to go see sir Harlan.

At the ball the party is back in swing and Veronica and Idiot 2 dance the night away. Aran relies his apologies to lord Kopov and Meori dissuades the two wounded (man and woman) who seem to have fallen in love from marriage. This is where the game ended.

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