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This was a short game. It continued straight from wehre we left off last time, the ballroom and the end of the first evening’s ball. Veronica and sir Karon, in his Ramius garb dance and Veronica makes him the offer of a position as her business liaison in New Norfolk. Sir Karon keeps his interest close to his chest but he promises to think about it. Veronica also dances with sir Daddy, who is courteous but not courting. Meanwhile Meori talks with Samuel the steward and tells him how the Regis got into the Justinian compound. At the end of the evening Veronica gets a little tipsy and Meori helps her to bed while Idiot 2 fades to stage left.

After Veronica falls asleep, Meori notices that the squires are nowhere to be seen and goes to tlook fot them. She suspects that they are up to mischief. She looks all over for them and finds them in the winter garden, or green house, where they are all playing together quite nicely, even Philippa.

In the morning a local constable Vince Van Lumberg junior comes to look for Veronica. Meori meets him and asks wy he wants to see veronica. He tells her that he wants to ask her some questions regarding the murder of lord Kopov’s servant. Meori takes him to see Veronica, who isn’t hung over. The constable asks Veronica about Cut and his possible involvement with the murder.He tells her that Cut was seen with the victim at a local tavern the evening he was killed. The constable asks Veronica’s permission to ask Cut questions and she tells him that Cut is more than happy tp help with the investigation and she is sure that he wants the murderer to be apprehended as much as the authorities do. Van Lumberg also asks about Cut coming to the Justinian compound wounded but Veronica knows very little about that and tells him that he must ask Cut himself.

Veronica goes to the training hall and meets Idiot 2 there they spar and Veronica accidentally breaks his nose, when Idiot 2 acts like an idiot. After they have Idiot’s nose fixed they decide to do something less hazardous and go for a walk in the greenhouse. Meori finds them there discussing what better samurais are and how one would go about becoming one. Idiot 2 is being quite evasive with his answers.

Meanwhile Meori goes to the Temple of Amalthea to look for an Escatonic prest, who could help her with learning a rite. After some time of looking around she comes upon a priest, who she thinks is an Escatonic, but turns out to be Harlan Harrow in prayer. She finds an Escatonic and strikes up a converstion with him. The priest is called Trismegistus Baccalaureus and happens to be a good old friend of father Gottmund. They had the same teaches, called Gandalfino. Meori asks him where she could find a priest who could help her. He tells her that he can help her if she first helps him with an artefact that he is trying to locate. Meori gives him her word to help.

He needs someone from his own sect to help, because he doesn’t trust the mercenaries not to try and scam him. His gout is also acting up pretty badly and he might not be able to go find the artefact himself. Although when he is in Amalthea’s temple he doesn’t hurt as much. Meori wants to know more about this artefact and he tells her that it is a mandala that is used for teaching purposes. He also assures Meori that the artefact isn’t magical or heretic.

Meori returns to the Justinian compound and finds Veronica and Idiot 2 are still in the garden and Veronica trying to find out what a abetter samurai actually is. Meori asks to speak with Veronica in private and Idiot 2 leaves. Meori tells Veronica about the request Trismegistus made and Veronica agrees to see him and learn more. They go to the temple and Idiot 2 escorts them.

There Trismegistus tells Veronica about the mandala. He tells them everything he knows. During the war Tethys was bombarded with technological horrors that could have been chemical. People don’t go to the area where the mandala is. There is a general agreement that it is a holy place. The mandala is in an old church building that has burned and collapsed on itself. He also promises them a sketch of the place before they go. They do not need to go immediately, but sooner rather than later.

This is where the game ended.

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