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During the night Meori attempts to get a vision, but cannot (botches). She wakes up frustrated. Veronica gives Philippa her will and instructions on what to do, in case she does not return from the task. Meori has the map to the site where the mandala is supposed to be. Lycanna and Karl come with Richard and Veronica. It turns out that the site is within driving distance.

When they get to the area, where the temple is supposed to be they see that nothing has been rebuilt since the war. There are suspicious people in the shadows, but they keep to themselves and don’t trouble the group. Cut walks first with a radiation detector and Veronica and Hanshiro walk last. While they walk Richard teaches Lycanna about strategy and safety measures, while in hostile territory. Cut goes first into the cathedral and notices that there are footprints in the dust. Someone has gone through there before. The air in the cathedral is old and still. The further they walk into the cathedral the colder it gets. The atmosphere is heavy and foreboding. Cut leads them down a passageway into the cellars. Everyone is wary about going but nevertheless they push on.

They descend down into the crypt level and walk until they come to an old solid iron door, which is locked. This poses a problem, since there is no key and nobody seems to be able to open it either. After some fumbling, Karl steps forward and jimmies the lock. He can lock pick, who knew? Behind the door, in the hallways and rooms beyond there are dead bodies. Both buried and fallen to the floor. The chilling sight only serves to make the atmosphere even more foreboding. The bodies are mummified and have clearly come down here seeking safety. They seem to have died in the middle of something. Richard and Lycanna are very disturbed when they see the bodies. Meori gives the dead their last rites and Veronica prays for their souls.

Cut finds a room that has lots of crates, boxes and covered bodies. It is clear that these people dies first. Then he walks into a room where he sees two landline phones. There is a corpse in the room sitting behind a desk. It is wearing an uniform and has a gun in it’s lap. Half of the corpse’s head is missing. Cut goes through the boxes and finds loot. Cu continues first and grabs loot where he finds it. He also finds more bodies, this time soldiers. Veronica finds a tin can full of dog tags and takes it with her. She is going to hand it over to the local authorities, who can then in turn inform their families.

Cut continues on and his Geiger counter begins to bleep, but the radiation is still not on a lethal level. They are getting close to the mandala though. Cut determines where the radiation is coming from and then starts to observe the room from a safe distance. He enters the room, because the radiation is not lethally high there. There are more dead bodies in the room. This time they are priests. In the next room the radiation raises to lethal levels and there are more dead priests there. Cut observes that all the dead priests appear to be Escatonics. The relic is most probably in the room where the radiation levels are the highest.

Cut devises a clever plan how one of them can enter the room in relative safety for long enough to grab the mandala. He modifies Veronica’s duelling shield to shield from the source of the radiation, which seems to be coming from the entrance to a staircase that leads back to street level. They try to locate the mandala in the radiation infested room but can’t see it. Then Cut uses his PSI to dust a glass cabinet and there it is. This is the first time Cut uses his PSI publicly. Veronica and Richard are shocked, although Richard hides it better. Lycanna is also shocked and gasps out of surprise. Then they notice that something is glittering in the glass cabinet. Meori spots the mandala and the group executes Cut’s plan.

Veronica grabs the mandala and dashes out of the room as quickly as possible so that she does not receive radiation. She manages to succeed. Meori takes the mandala and Cut notices that when they are in the presence of the mandala the radiation lessens. Cut touches the mandala tentatively and notices that it has an unusual amount of friction. Then the group turns back to return the way they came. Veronica tries to find identification papers from the dead and when she approaches one of the dead, it begins to move. Soon many of the bodies begin to get up and attempt to eat the group. Veronica orders the kids and Meori to go first with Cut and stays with Richard and Hanshiro to delay the zombies so that the others can get to safety. Then they also flee and lock the doors.

Meori decides to notify the Church on what is going on and then they can deal with the ungodly monstrosities in the crypts. They drive back to the Justinian compound and Meori and Stacy go to St Amalthea’s Cathedral with the mandala. This is where the game ended.

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