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Meori took the Mandala to father Thrismegistus to begin practicing her rite with its aid.

Cut mainly stayed invisible, staying at the guildhouse and killing time to avoid awkwardness at the Justinian mansion. He told the Guild of the husks and possible technology under the church ruins.

Veronica ja Richard went through the journey to the Crypt of the Mandala and Hanshiro shared a tale from his travels on Madoc, concerning an encounter with husks on a remote coral reef where an old hulk of a sea-going container ship had washed ashore.

During the breakfast Richard told Aran about the adventure the day before and Aran told of his own experiences of the husks during the war. He prefers his dead to stay that way - if you need to kill a man twice, it's already once too often. Veronica had slept badly and was rather silent, the memory of the husks had kept her awake through the night. However she told Richard and Aran the greetings and news she har received from Delphi. Finally they all plotted the Keddah's interrogation to get information about the "Man with the moustache".

After the breakfast Veronica asked Hanshiro to return sir Keddah his belongings she had confiscated, except the mighty axe.

Richard was approached ny Hanshiro who wanted advice concerning Veronica and the possibility to get back at sir Keddah.

In preparation for sir Keddah's interrogation Richard contacted baroness Phaedra's secretary and found out that sir Kasimir's background was from a recently reinstated baronetial branch of House Keddah, connected to a more prominent one. Sir Keddah was revealed to be the nephew of the general Coman Keddah, leader of the families armies on Grail.

Eventually Richard and Aran interrogated the Keddah with Hanshiro, who concentrated stoically on not failing Veronica by challenging the Keddah - or just strangling the man. He confirmed what Veronica had already heard and the rest of them knew and promised to try to help them find the man with the moustache.

Later on Karon went to make a sketch of the lower part of the mysterious mans lower face with a think machine.

Afterwards Richard filled Veronica in on what they had found out.

Veronica and Hanshiro shared thoughts and Hanshiro revealed to Veronica that he had decided to write to his father and ask him to accept his conversion back to the Orthodoxy. He also told that if his father should refuse him, he would convert anyway by travelling to Pyre and doing penance there if necessary.

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