Byzantium Secundus: On Byzantium Secundus

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In the evening after meeting sir Thana, Richard goes back to his rooms and sees the ghostly wild boar from Velisimil. In the morning they al go down for breakfast and Richard is dressed especially well. Voltaire, the Thana and his Dervish friend come in late for breakfast. Richard and Meori notice that sir Thana is in fact lord Thana nowadays, he is a baron. Veronica is about to introduce Meori to sir Thana, she does not notice that he is a baron. Richard creates a distraction by knocking over a glass of juice, which is then righted by the Dervish who uses PSI. The Dervish has milky white eyes, but behaves as if she isn’t blind. During the commotion Richard lets Veronica know that the Thana is nowadays a baron. Veronica isn’t happy.

Meori teases Voltaire with his least favourite food, a Delphian broccoli pier. The ambassador hears this and it is agreed that that will be for dinner. Veronica leaves to train with the squires, leaving the others in the dining room. In the training hall she forbids them from trying out the kali machine. They agree. Then she teaches them. At breakfast Meori and Richard discuss local delicacies of Hira with the Dervish, who is called dame Jazeera. She offers to cook for Meori, Richard, Lord Teuthras and the others. She says that she and her friend would like to get to know them better. Meori wants to know whether the Dervish and the Thana are together and they are not. Then she turns on her doctor Lurve mode. When the Thana and Dervish leave the Thana whispers to Meori that she should check Veronica’s cuts. Meori promises to do this. Richard asks dame Jazeera to help him teach the squires history.

Meori goes to the training hall where she and Veronica discuss her cuts, what happened the previous evening, the Thana and dame Jazeera. Then Veronica goes for a ride. Meori goes to listen to the history lesson where dame jazeera is present. In the afternoon they go to visit the Imperial palace with sir Brendan Adams. They go to meet dame Octavia Justinian and dame Carolandra herself. They find out that dame Octavia is a member of the old Guard. Dame Octavia sings sir Brendan’s praises.

When they return to the embassy sir Brendan wants to talk to Veronica in private and they arrange to walk on the green with Meori observing, well eavesdropping. Brendan wants to know if what Voltaire has told him about Veronica sheathing Li halan katanas and rubbing shafts of mighty axes is true. Veronica doesn’t get it until Meori explains it to her. She storms off and is caught in the rain and makes a wet return to the embassy, where she meets a worried Meori and a gloating Voltaire with a polite Thana.

Meanwhile Richard overhears Lord Thana and Voltaire discuss Veronica and Thana’s duel. Richard pretends to observe a painting but is actually eavesdropping on their conversation. It appears that Voltaire si trying to goad lord Than into another duel with Veronica, but Lord Thana is not provoked.

At dinner Veronica tries to outdo Lord Thana in manners and she succeeds. Voltaire gets upset over the pie and leaves, Lord Thana leaves with him. Meori interviews dame jazeera about the nature of Lord Thana and Voltaire’s relationship. They discuss the duel and why Lord Thana came to Byzantium Secundus. After dinner Meori goes to her room to perform the rite of the all seeing eye. She wants to spy on Voltaire. Meanwhile Richard goes for a walk with Lord Thana. They discuss house histories. Lord Thana says that he has unfinished business with Voltaire. They discuss Voltaire and Veronica’s relationship and their feud.

Later Veronica seeks out lord Thana to apologize and make amends at the behest of Meori. They wait out the rain together and decide to start over. Thana invites himself to join Veronica in teaching the squires.

Meori spies successfully on Voltaire who is in bed probably asleep. He speaks but Meori can make out only part of what he says. 4 times me, 3 times Veronica and Brendan Adams, 1 Teuthras.

This is where the game ended.

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