Byzantium Secundus: Still on Byzantium Secundus

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The previous day Cut goes into a bar in the alien quarter of the Imperia City. The bar is an ukari bar. This time around he isn’t going to start a fight right away. Cut is offered a job to check in on a technical problem with some doodads and watsits in the sewers by the Purger’s Guild. Cut agrees and before he knows it he is wading through Mystery Water in the sewers.Cut and the Purgers walk for a good long while and at some point Cut notices that there is something humanoid, with no neck running into a close by tunnel. At one point a metal door opens and crushes one of the purgers, this is followed by a flash flood which catches everyone unawares. They manage to struggle to safety.

Meanwhile Veronica and the squires run and go down for breakfast. Meori and George discuss the events of the previous day. Thana and Jazeera come to breakfast late. Voltaire also comes down and as Veronica is leaving to continue the squires lessons Lord Thana thanks her for the warm moments they shared in the gazebo the night before and their nightly walk afterwards. This does not sit well with Voltaire.

Meanwhile down in the sewers the previous day. The Purgers and Cut find the problem. A fan has broken and is not sucking out the water from the sewers as it should be. It has been purposefully broken. Cut fixes it, but it is only a temporary solution. They start to make their way back to the surface, when half way there the man who was first in line vanishes into the mystery water. He is pulled down by a pair of white jaws! It is an albino alligator!!!

Meanwhile the breakfast continues in silence. Voltaire is sulking. Finally Meori and the ambassador begin to discuss the sights of Byzantium, including the Holy City, which Meori wants to visit. Meori also asks dame Jazeera to teach her the Kurgan language. Jazeera seems a little reluctant.

In the training sale Veronica is teaching the squires.

The day before, there is blood in the mystery water. The Purgers tell Cut that there might be a hive of albino alligators and that they must exterminate them. Cut wants to be paid double for going to fight alligators. They find the alligators and start blasting away. Cut scores a memento in the form of the jaws of one alligator and double pay. They return to the surface and Cut returns to the guild house for well earned sleep.

Lord Thana comes to help Veronica with the teaching and the squires are mesmerized by his beauty. He is more trouble than help and gets on Veronica’s nerves. Lord Thana wants to practice with Veronica and isn’t very keen to practice. Bickering and complaining follow and finally Veronica is goaded into practicing at the end of which she is disarmed and attempts to headbutt lord Thana but fails and ends up kissing him accidentally.

Meanwhile Cut appears at the embassy holding an alligator jawbone from which he removes teeth and asks Meori and Dickie what he missed. Meori and Dickie fill him in on all the shenanigans. Veronica joins them and they all discuss the situation together. Then they are joined by jazeera, Dickie and Veronica leave and Meori and Cut talk with Jazeera about being a Dervish and being psychic. At lunch Veronica and Voltaire cause a scene. The ambassador chastises Voltaire and he storms off. The Thana also leaves feigning a stomach ache and Veronica sends Meori after him to give him medical help. Meori gets Thana to confess his sins. They return to the theatre together. Meori invites dame Jazeera and Lord Thana. Dame Jazeera is curious about Richard and Cut. Then she tells them how lord Thana saved her and she is moved by her story. The tournament Veronica’s parents are organizing comes up and Veronica attempts to change the subject, but Cut distracts her and Meori tells the whole tale.

This is where the game ended.

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