1. Use point buy 20
  2. Feats Combat Expertise, Deadly Aim and Power Attack are given for free if all prerequisites are met.
  3. One of the character's traits should be selected from the campaign traits. Only relevant to book 1.
  4. Starting wealth according to 1st level character average
  5. Max hitpoints on first level
  6. Starting languages, you get your native language as a bonus language


  1. Crossbows fire to touch-AC in the first half of their range increment. For example if the light crossbows range is 60ft, it fires to touch AC for the first 30ft.
  2. 5-foot step provokes Attack of Opportunity
  3. Hitpoints rolled with dice. Less than half rolls can be rerolled. Example if you roll 3 from a d8 you can reroll.

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