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[usual buffs = Gr. Cognatogen, Ant haul, Heightened awareness, Barkskin, Heroism, Freedom of movement, Echolocation, Delayed consumption(tba)]

Male Half-orc Alchemist [Mindchemist] 14
Neutral Medium Humanoid (human,orc)
Player Eldrik
PFS# 192674-9
Faction The Exchange
Prestige/Fame 26/59
XP 39

Init +8[+7]
Senses Perception +28[+32], Darkvision 60ft [Blindsight 40ft]
Special defenses Evasion

AC 28[37], touch 17, flat-footed 24[33]; (+8 Armor +4 Dex +3 shield +2 deflection +1 insight [+4 natural, +5 natural enhancement])
hp 129 (14d8 +14x4 con)
Fort +20[+22], Ref +21[+22], Will +17[+21]; Immune to poison

Speed 30 ft, fly 60 ft (good)
Ranged (24/day) Fire/force bomb +16/+11 touch (7dX+15, 20/x2, 20ft), Save DC 25
or Confusion bomb +16/+11 touch (5d6+15, 20/x2, 20ft), Save DC 25
Ranged Cog/heroism Fire/force bomb +17/+12 touch (7dX+18, 20/x2, 20ft), Save DC 28
or Cog/heroism confusion bomb +17/+12 touch (5d6+18, 20/x2, 20ft), Save DC 28
Ranged Hasted+RS +16/+16/+16/+11 (7dX+18, 20/x2, 20ft), Splash Ref DC 28
Point Blank Shot +1/+1, Targeted bomb admixture +8[+11] damage

Formulae known
1st (7/day) – Ant Haul, Cure Light Wounds, Crafter's Fortune, Disguise Self, Expeditious Retreat, Heightened Awareness, Shield, Identify, Enlarge person, Comprehend languages, Targeted bomb admixture
2nd (7+1/day) – Alchemical allocation, Barkskin, False life, See invisibility, Resist energy, Blur, Lesser restoration, Acute senses
3rd (6/day) – Resinous skin, Haste, Heroism, Displacement
4th (6/day) – Freedom of movement, Echolocation, Stoneskin, Air walk, G. invisibility
5th (3/day) – Delayed consumption, Magic Jar, Contact other plane, Overland flight

Str 7[5], Dex 20[18], Con 18, Int 26[32], Wis 14[18], Cha 7
Base Atk +10; CMB +8[+7]; CMD 23[21]

Feats Point-Blank Shot (1st), Throw Anything (bonus), Extra bombs (bonus), Precise Shot (3rd), Iron will (5th), Rapid Shot (7th), Extra discovery (9th), Alertness (familiar), Additional traits (11th), Extra discovery (13th)

Skills Appraise +12, Craft (alchemy) +12, Diplomacy +22, Disable Device +24, Escape artist +19, Fly +12(22), Heal, +6, Intimidate +0, Knowledge (arcana) +33, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +25, Knowledge (engineering) +17, Knowledge (geography) +17, Knowledge (history) +17, Knowledge (nature) +33, Knowledge (nobility) +17, Knowledge(local) +17, Knowledge (planes) +26, Knowledge (religion) +26, Linguistics +9, Perception +28, Sense motive +20, Sleight of hand +9, Spellcraft +19, Survival +7, Swim +1, Use Magic Device +25
+13 craft alchemical items, Heroism +2 all skills, Heightened awareness +2 Knowledges, Cognatogen +3 int-skills (+6 knowledges), +2 wis-skills, -1 str-skills -1 dex-skills, +2 identify constructs, -2 ACP, +2 dayjob checks

Traits Fate's Favored, Pragmatic Activator, Clever wordplay (diplomacy), Reactionary
Languages Common, orc, abyssal, draconic, giant, goblin, azlanti, aklo, undercommon, ancient thassilonian
Racial Traits Intimidating, Sacred Tattoo, Weapon Familiarity, Darkvision, Orc Blood
Favored Class Bonus (14) +7 bomb damage (rounds down)

SQ Alchemy, Bomb 7d6, Cognatogen, Discovery (Precise bombs), Perfect Recall, Poison Immunity, Swift Alchemy, Discovery (Acid bombInfusion), Discovery (Wings), Discovery (Force bomb), Discovery (Fast bombs), Discovery (Tumor familiar), Discovery (Greater cognatogen), Discovery (confusion bomb), Persistant cognatogen, Discovery (blinding bomb)

On person Cold iron dagger, bandolier, +2 elven chain, spring loaded wrist sheath (clw wand, 41 charges), traveler's outfit, belt pouch, mwk buckler, cloak of resistance +4, Headband of vast intelligence +6 (escape artist, diplomacy, sense motive; aklo, ancient thassilonian, jistka), belt of physical might +4 (dex,con), Eyes of the eagle, Ring of protection +2, Cracked dusty rose prism, Cracked pale green prism, Boots of speed, Aegis of recovery, Dusty rose prism, First aid gloves, Ring of evasion
In handy haversack Alchemist's kit (This kit includes an alchemy crafting kit, a backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, a flint and steel, ink, an inkpen, an iron pot, a mess kit, soap, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin), fomulae book, 4 antitoxins, 4 antiplagues, 4 acid flasks, 4 alchemist's fires, 6 meditation teas, 4 holy waters, 2x air crystals, potion sponge of touch of the sea, mwk thieves tools, smoked goggles, Potion of heroism, Cold-weather outfit, boro bead 2, Scroll of lesser restoration (8 uses), Scroll of Aram Zey's focus (5 uses)
Wealth 3472 gp
Encumbrance 43.5 lbs. (48 lbs. light, 99 lbs. medium, 150 lbs. heavy = Ant haul + Int cognatogen)


Hedgehog tumor familiar
N diminutive animal

Init +3
Senses low-light vision, Perception +17

AC 25, touch 17, flat-footed 22; (+3 Dex +4 size +8 nat)
hp 64; fast healing 5
Fort +8, Ref +13, Will +5

Speed 20 ft Str 1, Dex 16, Con 6, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 7
Base Atk +10; CMB +1; CMD 18 (22 vs trip)
Feats Athletic
Skills Yes
SQ Spiny defense, share spells, empathic link, speak with master, Improved evasion, Speak with animals of its kind, Alertness for master, master +2 will saves, Spell resistance 19, Scry on familiar

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