Dracia Dinocerus Meria AKA "DD Merja"

Viimeksi päivitetty 15.6.2014.


  • Race: Nagaji (+2 str, +2 cha, -2 int) - Ropecon 2012 boon
  • Class: Druid 8/Ranger 1
  • Player: Janne, ID: 34611-3
  • Faction: Grand Lodge
  • Alignment: LN


Dracia Dinocerus Meria, a name that she thinks is too long and complicated, is a former nagaji slave from the far-away land: Tian Xia. She was a servant to her former naga masters in Nagajor, a place upheld by thousands of years of naga rulership, a dynasty. She always had a knack for the reptilian animals, hence being named so by her master. But no longer is she a slave, but the master of herself.

She dons only a simple skimpy outfit and a thick hide shirt for protection, otherwise trusting her legwork and thick scales. The bulging nature of her musculature is matched by her buxom front in size, which is an odd mammalian heritage still attached to her otherwise reptilian body.

What is she doing in Absalom of all places? Truly a rare sight, in all her scaliness and ferociousness - she was taken to training by the Grand Lodge's Master Druid on a happenstance of a journey. Rumors in the halls of the Lodge tell that she was the lone survivor, together with her pet, in a confrontation between Tian bounty hunters and her naga master. She left the nagas behind, partly because she had lost her way physically, but also mentally: She needed a change of scenery from the damp jungles. The world treated her rough during her several month trek, but there weren't many who dared approach thanks to her saurian companion. But that's where the rumor ends, for now...

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