Page 16
On Table 1–1: Ability Score Costs, the points listed for an ability score of nine should read “–1”.
Page 38
In the Versatile Performance bard class feature, add “Sing (Bluff, Sense Motive)” to the list of Perform types in the second paragraph.
Page 41
In the Domains class feature, add the following sentence to the third paragraph.
Unless otherwise noted, activating a domain power is a standard action.
Page 45
In the Domain section, under the Madness Domain, change the first sentence of the Aura of Madness granted power to read as follows.
At 8th level, you can emit a 30-foot aura of madness for a number of rounds per day equal to your cleric level.
Page 47
In the Domain section, under the Rune Domain, change the 8th level Domain Spell to “symbol of death”.
Page 81
In the Necromancy School, under the power over undead class feature, in the 3rd sentence, change “Outsider Channeling” to “Alignment Channel”.
Page 103
In the Perform skill, change the first sentence of the special paragraph to read as follows. A bard must have ranks in specific Perform categories to use some of his Bardic Performance abilities.
Page 114
In Table 5–1: Feats, change the benefits line of the Combat Casting feat to read as follows. +4 bonus on concentration checks for casting defensively
Page 212
In the Transmutation section, under Polymorph, change the first sentence of the second paragraph to read as follows. In addition to these benefits, you gain any of the natural attacks of the base creature, including proficiency in those attacks.
Page 319
In the description of the permanency spell, change the cost associated with a wall of force to 12,500 gp.
Page 351
In Table 10–1: Summon Monster, move the “Giant Frog” entry from the 4th level list to the 2nd level list. Move the “Giant Spider” entry from the 3rd level list to the 2nd level list. Make the same changes to Table 10–2: Summon Nature’s Ally on page 353 (the Giant Spider appears on the 5th level list).
Page 352
In Table 10–1: Summon Monster, change the Ghaele azata subtype to “Chaotic, Good”. Also change the Trumpet archon’s subtypes to “Good, Lawful”.
Page 375
On Table 11–1: Arcane Archer, change the 9th level Fort save from “5” to “+5”.
Page 392
In the uncanny dodge class feature of the shadowdancer, replace the word “assassin” in the third sentence of the first paragraph with “shadowdancer”.
Page 417
In the first bullet point of the Magic section of the trap type rules, change the DC to locate a magic trap to “DC 25 + spell level”. In the Magic Trap paragraph of the Perception and Disable Device DCs rules, change the last sentence to read as follows.
Only characters with the trapf inding class feature can attempt a Disable Device check involving a magic trap.
Page 452
In the feats list for melee (finesse fighter), replace the feat “Stunned Defense” with the feat “Shatter Defenses”. In the same section under melee (sword and shield fighter), replace the feat “Deft Shield” with “Shield Focus”.
Page 478
In Table 15–2: Potions, change the 1st-level potion cost for Paladins and Rangers to 50 gp. Change the 2nd-level potion costs to 400 gp. Change the 3rd-level potion costs to 1,050 gp.
Page 491
In Table 15–15: Scrolls, change the 1st-level scroll cost for Paladins and Rangers to 25 gp. Change the 2nd-level scroll costs to 200 gp, change the 3rd-level scroll costs to 525 gp, and change the 4th-level scroll costs to 1,000 gp.
Page 496
In Table 15–17: Wands, change the 1st-level wand cost for Paladins and Rangers to 750 gp. Change the 2nd-level wand costs to 6,000 gp, change the 3rd-level wand costs to 15,750 gp, and change the 4th-level wand cost to 30,000 gp.

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