Hellknight Galen Ablamar

Galen Ablamar, Hellknight of the Hellknight order, Order of the Gate

Male Human Cavalier (standard bearer)UC 2/Cleric of Asmodeus 4/Hellknight 5 (+4hp)
Lawful Neutral Medium Humanoid (Human)
Player mosillan (37103-6)
Xp 27
Faction Cheliax
Prestige/Fame 7/49

Init +2 (+2 dex)
Senses Perception +5

AC 28, touch 14, flat-footed 25; (+2 dex, +1 dodge, +3 shield, +10 armor, +1 luck, +1 insight)
hp 92 (7d10 + 4d8 + 22 con + 4 fc)
Fort +14, Ref +7, Will +9

Speed 30ft
Melee MWk Longsword Cold iron +14/+9 (1d8+4 / 19-20/x2)
Melee Lucerne Hammer +12/+7 (1d12+6 / x3)
Melee Mace, light silver +12/+7 (1d6+3 / x2)

Str 16, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 16
Base Atk +10/+5; CMB 16; CMD 31
Feats Dodge, Weapon Focus(Longsword), Precise Strike, Step Up, Dazzling Display, Channel Smite, Toughness, Power Attack, ??
Skills acp -2 (2*4+4*2+5*2+11)

  • Bluff +9 (3)
  • Climb +9 (2)
  • Diplomacy +15 (8)
  • Heal +5 (1)
  • Intimidate +17 (8)
  • Knowledge(arcana) +4 (1)
  • Knowledge(history) +4 (1)
  • Knowledge(local) +4 (1)
  • Knowledge(nobility) +4 (1)
  • Knowledge(planes) +5 (2)
  • Knowledge(religion) +4 (1)
  • Linguistics +4 (1)
  • Perception +5 (1)
  • Perform(Oratory) +5 (1)
  • Ride +6 (1)
  • Sense Motive +7 (3)
  • Spellcraft +4 (1)
  • Swim +8 (1)

Traits Birthmark1, Armor Expert2
Languages Common, Infernal
SQ Challenge3 1/day, Tactician (Precise Strike)4, Order of the Star, Banner5, Calling, Aura(Lawful, Moderate), Channel Negative Energy(3d6 DC 15 6/day), Spontaneous Casting, Orisons, Domains(Persistence inquisition, Law Domain), Aura of Law, Detect Chaos, Smite Chaos 2/day6, Discern Lies, Hellknight Armor7, Disciplines: Summon Devil8, Force of Will: compulsion +29

On person +1 Hellknight Plate, +1 Shield(darkwood, heavy), MWk Longsword, Lucerne Hammer, Mace(light silver), Mask of the Tiger(+2 intimidate), Alchemist's fire x2, Wayfinder, Traveler's outfit, Holy Symbol(silver, Asmodeus), Potion of Air Bubble, 2729gp
In backpack Grappling hook, rope(hemp), Bedroll
Wands: Cure Light Wounds 44 charges left
Ioun stones: Dusty Rose Prism
On Ablamar residence Parade armor(cheliaxian), Coldweather Outfit
Encumbrance 78 lb. without backpack (100/200/300), 109 lb. with backpack (116/233/350)

1 This birthmark can serve you as a divine focus for casting spells, and you gain a +2 trait bonus on all saving throws against charm and compulsion effects.
2 When you wear armor of any sort, reduce that suit’s armor check penalty by 1, to a minimum check penalty of 0.
3 Once per day, a cavalier can challenge a foe to combat. As a swift action, the cavalier chooses one target within sight to challenge. The cavalier’s melee attacks deal extra damage whenever the attacks are made against the target of his challenge. +2 dmg.
4 At 1st level, a cavalier receives a teamwork feat as a bonus feat. He must meet the prerequisites for this feat. As a standard action, the cavalier can grant this feat to all allies within 30 feet who can see and hear him. Allies retain the use of this bonus feat for 3 rounds plus 1 round for every two levels the cavalier possesses. Allies do not need to meet the prerequisites of these bonus feats.
5 Cavalier’s banner becomes a symbol of inspiration to his allies and companions. As long as the cavalier’s banner is clearly visible, all allies within 60 feet receive a +2 morale bonus on saving throws against fear and a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls made as part of a charge.
6 Once per day, a hellknight can call out to the powers of law to aid her in her struggle against choas. As a swift action, the hellknight chooses one target within sight to smite. If this target is chaotic, the hellknight adds her Cha bonus to her attack rolls and adds her hellknight level to all damage rolls made against the target of her smite. If the target of smite choas is an outsider with the chaotic subtype, an chaotic-aligned aberrations, and fey, the bonus to damage on the first successful attack increases to 2 points of damage per level the hellknight possesses. Regardless of the target, smite chaos attacks automatically bypass any DR the creature might possess. The smite chaos effect remains until the target of the smite is dead or the next time the hellknight rests and regains her uses of this ability. +3 atk, +5 dmg, +3AC

In addition, while smite evil is in effect, the paladin gains a deflection bonus equal to her Charisma modifier (if any) to her AC against attacks made by the target of the smite.
7Hellknight earns the right to wear Hellknight armor (below). While wearing this armor, the Hellknight reduces the armor check penalty by 2, increases the maximum Dexterity bonus allowed by 2, and moves at full speed.
8Summon Devil (Sp; Order of the Gate): The Hellknight may use summon monster V as a spell-like ability to summon 1 bearded devil.
'^9^Hellknight gains a +2 bonus on Will saves against spells with one of the following descriptors: compulsion

Order of the Star
Edicts: The cavalier must strive to protect the faith and all those who follow its teachings, from priest to common man. He must adhere to the strictures of the faith, promote its cause whenever possible, and serve the agents of the divine.

Challenge: Whenever an order of the star cavalier issues a challenge, he receives a +1 morale bonus on all his saving throws as long as he is threatening the target of his challenge. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels the cavalier possesses.

  • Calling: Cavalier can make a short prayer as a standard action, filling him with confidence in his abilities. At any point in the next minute, he can receive a competence bonus on an ability check, attack roll, saving throw, or skill check equal to his Charisma modifier. He must declare that he is using this bonus before the roll is made. He can use this ability up to four times per day, once for each type of check or roll. In addition, the cavalier adds 1/2 his cavalier level to any levels of paladin or cleric he might possess for the purposes of determining the effects of channel energy or lay on hands.

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