"Let's do some business, fire your best offers."

Trade Princess Homusubi (火産霊), pronunc. Ho-musubi.

Last update 14.12.2014


  • Race: Human
  • Class: Sorceress 5
  • Player: Janne, ID: 34611-7
  • Faction: Qadira
  • Alignment: N


Homusubi, the upcoming successor daughter of a distinguished trade family comes from the Dtang Ma region of Tian Xia. Homusubi is but a name she goes by in the west, having another name she is known by in the Tian region, but there is clear avoidance on its use on her part. She was only traveling to make trade contacts in the western world for the Kouryu Trading Company (香料商社), which is famous in Dtang Ma for their wide selection of spices and fragrances extracted from the Sikhyeu rainforest north of the capitol, Kamparassad.

She soon realized that for a truly strong trade relationships in the west, she would need to embed herself firmly into a trade organization. With the help of her unorthodox sorceress lineage from the east, she joined Pathfinders, clearing the basic training in an exceptionally short time, and is working for Qadira, seeing the promising gateways to influence within the Keleshite Empire, with which she is already familiar from her previous training. Right on her first actual mission, with luck that could have descended from the gods themselves, or maybe it was destiny, she met Aaqir al'Hakam, Temel Passad and other well-known traders of the Inner Sea Region in Trade Princess Zarmina Bahjari's funeral in Katheer. After her services and some successful negotiations, she is now recognized as a Trade Princess herself among the Keleshites.

As for her appearance, Homusubi is a slightly taller than average Tian-Dtang with a slightly tanned complexion, face sculpted to near perfection for the human appeal. Her eyes are tinted in orange, which is a scarce happenstance within the Dtang ethnicity, and her flowing long hair is silver, which is even moreso. With a brazen attitude, she often stands with her hands in the pockets of her red slim-fit trousers, which are decorated in symbols written in Dtang, depicting different aspects of fire and flames. She wears a white collared shirt and matching white gloves, with red suspenders for the trousers looping around her shoulders. Often her hair is braided in a customary Dtang way, or just pony-tailed for simplicity. It is a rather strange outfit, finished by strong looking boots, but maybe it's her way to try to fit into the western world.

Homusubi's sorceress lineage is mysterious, belonging to none of the four traditional sorcerous powers that are well-known in Dtang Ma, ruling the nation in the way of a strange feudal confederacy. The spells of the fire element are a burning passion of her life, and she has received training from the powerful magi of Minata as well as the flame wielders of the scorching Garundi deserts. The mixture of a lineage doesn't manifest as strongly in her other family members, and that may be also one reason why she set out to travel out of her home country.

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